Kicking Off Super Bowl XLVIII On Social Media

Super Bowl XLVIII is almost here, and it already has quite a presence on social media.  Here are some of our favorite ways to get excited for the game, using a variety of social platforms.

  • Wondering how the U.S. map looks when it’s divided into Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks? Check out this infographic from 140 Proof (data mined from social comments between 1/24-1/27):

Super Bowl Fans on Social [140 Proof]

  • The commercials: there have been teasers, contests, and actual commercials released – and you can find almost all of them online. Be honest – how many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials (banned or not) have you already watched on YouTube? So far we have a soft spot for Budweiser’s Puppy Love ad (which already has nearly 25 million views):

  • For those craving an alternative to the traditional Super Bowl (and more puppies), there’s Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X (popular for 10 years running), filled with adorable canines running amok.  This year also marks the debut of a fantasy game element; viewers log in via Facebook and pick their favorite trio of pups in the game.

Puppy Bowl Adds Fantasy Game

What’s your favorite way to get excited for the game on social media?

One more thing: there’s been quite a bit of talk about which social media platform will reign most popular as the “second screen” during this year’s big game.  Will Twitter maintain its dominance in this arena, or will Facebook’s “aggressive moves to get into the real-time conversation” prevail? Let us know which social network you use the most during actual game-time.