Do Americans Trust Facebook?

Who do you trust with your personal information?
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A recent poll reveals how much trust Americans place in Facebook, as compared to Google, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Here are theĀ Reason-Rupe poll findings:

Which of the following do you TRUST THE MOST with your personal information?

  • The Internal Revenue Service or IRS 35%
  • The National Security Agency or NSA 18%
  • Google 10%
  • Facebook 5%

Apparently, Americans don’t feel their personal information is very safe with Facebook. Are you surprised that the NSA ranks above Google here?

Who do you think is most likely to VIOLATE YOUR PRIVACY?

  • The National Security Agency or NSA 36%
  • Facebook 26%
  • The Internal Revenue Service or IRS 18%
  • Google 12%

Once again, Americans are not very comfortable with Facebook – over one-quarter of those surveyed think Facebook is most likely to violate their privacy.

The Reason-Rupe national survey conducted live interviews with 1,003 Americans on mobile (503) and landline (500) phones from March 26-30, 2014.

Do you trust Facebook?