The Friday Hangout With Tonia Ries: The Evolution Of Realtime Marketing

I had a chance to participate in today’s Friday Hangout, a weekly program hosted by Janet Fouts, Adam Helweh, and Steve Farnsworth, to talk Realtime Marketing: what it means, what the benefits are, and where it’s going.

Some highlights:

  • Realtime marketing starts with listening: what are the conversations your customers are already having–and how can your brand add value?
  • The benefits of realtime marketing are all about increasing customer engagement and improving your customers’ experience with your brand.
  • All marketing platforms play a role in realtime marketing, not just social media. How can you customize your customer’s experience throughout the digital touchpoints with your brand?
  • Trends to watch for: the triggers and inputs that allow you to create a personalized, engaging customer experience will continue to multiply. And the listening tools will continue to improve and deliver greater scale when it comes to identifying conversations in which your brand can engage.

There’s lots more–check out the conversation in the recording below, and let us know what you think!