Asia-Pacific Will Account For One-Third of All Twitter Users In 2014

The number of Twitter users worldwide is projected to increase by nearly 25% in 2014, according to new estimates from eMarketer. By 2018, overall social media growth is expected to reach double-digit gains, and Twitter is calculated to expand by nearly 11%, reaching about 400 million users worldwide.

Users By Region [eMarketer]This year, the Asia-Pacific region will make up one-third of all Twitter users – well above North America’s 24%. By 2018, eMarketer predicts that Asia-Pacific will account for 40% of worldwide Twitter users; this number could rise significantly if China lifts its ban on Twitter in the coming years.

India and Indonesia will see the greatest amount of growth on Twitter in the foreseeable future, as both countries are currently experiencing increases above 50%. By the end of 2014, India and Indonesia will have the third and fourth largest Twitter populations in the world.

Marketers should take note of this international growth, but also be aware that Twitter users in the U.S. account for nearly three-quarters of Twitter’s overall ad revenues, despite only representing about 20% of Twitter users globally (eMarketer).

The report is based on an analysis of Twitter users from 400 data points and more than 90 sources. Note: eMarketer calculates their statistics based on consumer survey data in order to avoid corporate accounts, users with multiple accounts, and other causes of double-counting data; as a result, their figures differ from Twitter’s reported 255 million monthly users.