MyPermissions’ Android App: Is Your Private Information Secure?

The amount of time the average U.S. consumer spends on their mobile device has risen to 2 hrs and 42 minutes per day in 2014, according to Flurry. U.S. consumers have then dedicated 86% (2 hrs and 19 minutes) of that time to their mobile apps; making it essential for people and brands to understand which of those apps are viewing their private information–and to manage that access.

That’s why we paid attention when security technology company MyPermissions announced version 3.0 of their Android app, a mobile application that protects users against unwanted access to their private information. The updated Android app features a new dashboard that shows users which of their mobile apps are accessing personal data, and allows them to either block or approve accessibility.

MyPermissions' new dashboard organizes all apps accessing private information into distinct categories.
MyPermissions’ new dashboard organizes all apps accessing private information into distinct categories.

MyPermissions’ dashboard organizes apps accessing personal information into distinct categories:

  • Apps acting on your behalf
  • Apps that know your location
  • Apps that read inboxes and contacts
  • Apps that use pictures and files
  • Apps that access personal information
  • Apps that access other information

Realtime notifications are sent to users when a new app gains access to their personal data on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Dropbox.

With the release, MyPermissions CEO Olivier Amar explained that, “Regardless of whether the app is open and running, closed or has been dormant on a mobile device for years – the app still has the ability to access a wealth of personal data. MyPermissions has updated the Android app to provide privacy protection to mobile users and for the first time enable the mobile user to control which app can access personal data and what type of data they are comfortable with sharing.”

MyPermissions’ Android app can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

How are you managing permissions for all of the apps on your phone?


  1. This app may be the real spy. There are no reasons they need to receive and read my sms/mms or have access to nfc and all three location permissions. The developers used to respond right away,but now have ignored my repeated attempts to get answers. Furthermore,the links on playstore page now go to websites in German,including the contact page. The old website seems to be broken,and a new website has a different address. Old was .com,and new is .org but I found that through a Google serch and not the playstore page link. I don’t recall if this app had the permissions above when I first downloaded it,but my anti spyware app flaged it recently,and this was the first time since installed over six months ago.


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