77% Of Company Mentions On Social Media Are Neutral

Contrary to popular belief, most company mentions on social networks are linked not to a positive or negative message, but a neutral one.

Analyzing more than 1 billion global company mentions, realtime monitoring app mention found that 77% of company mentions were in fact neutral (eMarketer). Nearly one in five (18%) of mentions were positive, and a mere 6% were negative.

The large amount of neutral posts indicates that users are relying heavily on social media for customer service; most of the neutral company mentions were from people looking for help and asking questions.

Weekly percentages of online company mentions worldwide, by day of the week, according to research from mention.

Here are the percentages of weekly online company mentions worldwide, by day of the week:

  • Sunday: 11%
  • Monday: 14%
  • Tuesday: 15.7%
  • Wednesday: 15.5%
  • Thursday:15.8%
  • Friday: 15.1%
  • Saturday: 12%

Based on this data, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday see the highest amount of social chatter around brands.

Language is another important factor for marketers to keep in mind: though 64% of posts with company mentions were written in English, a substantial amount of influencers interacted in French (16% of mentions) and Spanish (11% of mentions).

What kind of messages are social network users posting about your brand?