Adidas Teams With Champs Sports To Create Instagram Mini Series

Following their impressive World Cup ad campaign, Adidas has teamed up with Champs Sports to create four different online shows that will air only on Champs Sport’s Instagram page.

#adicolorTV first debuted last Friday and at least 25 episodes will run on Instagram over a six week period.

Episodes will be categorized into four different shows: “Lace Up” will feature professional athletes like DeMarco Murray (Dallas Cowboys) and Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins) sporting Adidas wear, “Elements of GAME” will star rapper Lil Jon dressed as a high school science teacher, “QVG” is a parody on the home-shopping channel experience, and “The Stans” is a sitcom featuring Adidas’ classic Stan Smith sneaker collection.

In each of these mini series, the athletes and celebrities will be showing off their funky, yet comical personalities (AdWeek).

Following Adidas and Champs’ Tumblr-based 2013 adicolorTV, this year’s campaign is the first-ever video series designed specifically for Instagram.

According to Scott Burton, director of marketing for Champs Sports, the duo’s target demographic is male, high school varsity athletes, and the decision to create 15-second clips on Instagram was an attempt to generate more sharable, rewatchable and memorable content (AdWeek).

“You can expect to see a blending of sport, pop-culture, music, and humor coming to life in a way that no other brand can do it,” says Kelly Olmstead, director of brand marketing for Adidas. “You’ll see episodes ranging from classroom lessons taught by Lil Jon, Von Miller showing us the best touchdown dance in the industry, and DeMarco Murray and RG3 pulling off a great Stan Smith impersonation.” (Fast Company)

Though this Instagram-specific video series may be the first of its kind, Adidas and Champs Sports are not the only companies to use the social network to share unique video content. Perhaps one of the more creative video campaigns featured on Instagram was Mini’s #AsktheNEWMINI series. Followers could ask the new car any question, through any social network using the hashtag, and the MINI would respond in a way that showed off the car’s new features. The campaign led to over 30 creative videos (Econsultancy).

Starbucks ranks among the top brands sharing Instagram videos as well, hosting numerous creative and artsy videos featuring coffee and cup designs.

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Has your brand considered using Instagram video?