The Realtime Report: A New Home, Bigger Opportunities

The Realtime Report + The Social Media Monthly

As many of you know, The Realtime Report has been on sabbatical for the last few months. Much of that had to do with the fact that I have been going through some exciting changes: last November, I started a new position managing intellectual property for Edelman, working with wicked smart people on projects like the Trust Barometer and other cool data-driven views of the latest industry trends.

But many of you also know how much I have personally vested in The Realtime Report, which originated back in May 2009 as the first-ever Twitter for business conference, and eventually grew into a robust community of PR, marketing, and digital professionals using realtime platforms to engage customers and prospects, and connect online and real-world experiences in exciting new ways.

So I am beyond thrilled to announce that we’ve found a great new home for The Realtime Report. Effective today, #RLTM will be part of The Social Media Monthly family of online and event products, and will soon start publishing again on a regular basis.

I have known Bob Fine, the founder and leader of The Social Media Monthly, for many years, and couldn’t be leaving this community in better hands. He and I have been colleagues–and competitors–since back in the day. I organized the first social media conference on the west coast, but he organized the first one on the east coast, in June 2009. His book, The Big Book of Social Media Case Studies, Stories and Perspectives, has now been used as a textbook at over 10 universities—and he gave me the opportunity of contributing the closing chapter. He continues to be a connector and contributor to the community, sharing best practices, case studies, and organizing events to highlight best practices, solutions, and case studies on a regular basis.

So what happens next?

The Realtime Report website is currently undergoing a makeover and will soon be integrated into The Social Media Monthly from a navigation standpoint. More exciting, Bob and his team will very soon start adding fresh content to The Realtime Report blog again, covering case studies and cool stats you can use.

Even more exciting – you know I love events — Bob is running with the Realtime Marketing Lab concept that we pioneered in October 2013, and has just recently announced the Realtime Marketing Lab Tour, taking it to 9 cities this Spring. (Want an early invite or more details on sponsorships? Hit him up with an email!)

And if you are a subscriber to The Realtime Report, you will be joining a community of over 21,000 readers strong, and will start to receive newsletters from The Social Media Monthly. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time, but wait for the first new edition ‘cause I’ll bet you won’t want to.

Best part, Bob is just as committed to getting you the best access to the info, community, and content you need to be great at your job. Let him know about the types of content and issues you’d like to see covered. Tweet him at @bobfine or send him an email.

Goodbye, Not Farewell

I’m not going anywhere. Yes, I have a fancy new job with a big title that is giving me an opportunity to work on some very cool big projects with some of the smartest people in the business at Edelman. But I will be around: Bob has asked me to stay involved in an advisory role; I hope to write the occasional blog post; and you may even see me at the occasional Realtime Marketing Lab event. Want to keep in touch? Tweet me at @tonia_ries.

And I can’t wait to start reading The Realtime Report again!