How The Republican Presidential Candidates Performed
On Social Media

How The Republican Presidential Candidates Performed On Social Media

Technology and data company Engagement Labs today released the top performing U.S. Republican presidential candidates on Facebook and Twitter pre and post the first debate which took place last night: August 6, 2015.

Leading up to the debate, Donald Trump was ranked number one on Twitter and Dr. Ben Carson led the pack on Facebook.


As things heated up during the televised debate, Mr. Trump managed to hold his top spot and increased his eValue score on Twitter, while Marco Rubio overtook his Republican competitor and came out number one on Facebook. These candidates were able to deliver the greatest effect leveraging engagement, impact, and responsiveness scores.

Overall, there was an increase in activity on all the candidates’ social channels as a way to directly engage with American voters, resulting in increases in eValue scores. Of note, while Rubio rose to the top on Facebook, he saw a decline in his score on his Twitter channel.


“The social media vote can shape the election results. Social media is an extremely effective way to engage voters whether during prime time or at off times.  Social media is always on, and candidates are using these channels to drive loyalty, share news, opinion and content, as well as to influence voter behavior. It is personalized mass media,” said Bryan Segal, CEO at Engagement Labs.