Steps To Social Selling

Steps To Social Selling

A great deal has been written about advertising and building up a following on social media; but in general, less is said about how you actually sell your product via your social media channels. If you’re struggling with this, then you’re in luck – we’ve put together some tips and advice on how to build up your social selling potential on various social media channels.

To begin with, one of the most commonly made mistakes when trying to sell on social media is to immediately launch into trying to sell your product. This is the perfect way to start losing followers from the get go. Building up a social media following and interest takes time, and if you rush straight into selling then you will definitely lose customers in the long run. Instead, start by developing social media relationships by following trends and hashtags and interacting with followers, running competitions, etc. Once you’ve built up a large and trusted social media following, your customers are more likely to want to respond to your advertising.


You should also be careful to make sure that you are placing plenty of focus on investigating your target market’s hobbies and interests, specifically online. For example, does your demographic tend to use Twitter, or Pinterest? Or do they like to go Facebook? Make use of your social media analytics to find out which posts and sites are garnering the most interest from your audience. When doing this, place particular focus on posts which are advertising new product launches and special offers, as these will tell you which of your audiences are the most likely to react well to these sorts of posts. This is backed up by the testimonial of online marketers and social sellers.‘s owner said: ” At the heart of social selling is giving customers exactly what they want; so if you focus your social setting strategy on the audience which has the most interest in being sold to, then you will have much more luck.” Follow his advice and you’ll see that he is right.

Every time you try a new strategy, make sure you test out what you’re doing to avoid any glitches in your method. Before opening a strategy up to the general public, first try it with your colleagues, friends and family to see how they feel about it. A minimum of three options is good; but ideally you should aim for five or six, just to be sure. You should also double check that all of the functions work before you go live. Common stumbling blocks to watch out for are making sure that the buyer can save items in their shopping cart and reminder emails to prompt customers to complete orders. You should also try to ensure that the payment is carried out efficiently, as are confirmation emails.

When pushing offers on social media, you must emphasise what is special about those offers. Follow the “First, best or only” rule, where the offer must contain one of those concepts at their foundation. If they don’t, then it’s best not to post it, because it is less likely to generate interest. So if you’re offering a discount, emphasise that it’s limited; if one of your offers has changed, put focus on the fact that it’s new; and if the deal you’re proposing is genuinely the best deal available, then make a big deal out of that.