The Story Behind #WCW: Women Crush Wednesday

The Story Behind #WCW – Women Crush Wednesday
By Miguel Lopez

Wednesday, aka Hump Day, aka the toughest day of the week. It’s not the beginning of the week anymore, yet it’s not close enough to be hyped about the weekend. It seems as if daydreaming is at an all-time high on Wednesdays. That’s probably one of the factors that led to the creation of #WCW or “Woman Crush Wednesday.”


#WCW is when social media enthusiasts post a picture of their current woman crushes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It could be a significant other or maybe a celebrity figure that you admire. I’ve been listening to Lana del Rey after seeing her perform at Governors Ball NYC this June. Maybe I’ll make her my #WCW today.

It was an awkward experience explaining #WCW to a group of South Americans at a local hostel in Cusco, Peru this past summer. They had asked me about #WCW along with other “American” fads such as #TBT, the Kardashians and the replacement of “though” with “doe” in speech. I’m pretty sure they think that Americans are even weirder now after hearing each explanations.

Let’s not forget that #WCW is supposed to be fun. Personally, I don’t always post a #WCW but when I do, I do it jokingly and post a picture of a friend’s mom:


A photo posted by Miguel A. Lopez (@miguellopezdgm) on Jun 24, 2015 at 6:30pm PDT

#WCW #ilovemoms #MIGZNYC @_shouliin_

The picture above is of myself and a friend’s mom at my college graduation #WCW.

Just a couple of friendly reminders though. Remember to keep the #WCW post clean and also remember that the excessive use of #WCW may make you look really “thirsty,” as today’s kids would say. That’s a social media hashtag etiquette no-no. Check out our Intro to Hashtag Etiquette for more tips on how to master social media hashtags.

Who was your most recent #WCW?

Miguel Lopez is the social media manager for Hshtags.