Keep Your Business Relationships Running Smoothly

Keep Your Business Relationships Running Smoothly

The raging war between Apple and, well, everyone else, might still be underway, but businesses aren’t choosing sides. A successful business must be able to connect with varied partners and systems without being held up by pesky compatibility issues. A small business owner with an Apple computer should be able to video conference multiple participants across their networking sphere, without worrying if the files and documents they want to share can be accessed, or if the video conferencing capabilities will be faulty.

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Likewise, large corporations must be able to connect with clients and partners in areas around the globe, as well as creating and maintaining relationships with foreign contractors. Multinational corporations juggle international relationships as a daily routine. According to Małgorzata Rozkwitalska of the Gdansk School of Banking, these relationships include, “national cultures, employing multicultural workforce, negotiating with foreign contractors and satisfying needs of other groups of stakeholders in each country of operation”. These are entities that can ill afford even minor technical delays, difficulties or inefficiencies.

Money Down the Drain

Research from Software maker Compuware, indicated that almost 8 out of 10 businesses had a major technology failure in the year 2013, costing millions of dollars in the short term. “It also revealed that, in the longer term, 45 percent of businesses have suffered losses to market share and brand equity as a result of technology failures,” according to ComputerWeekly.

The success of a business depends on the survival of its technology. No business can grow and maintain that success unless their technology can bear the weight of the day to day functions. It’s also necessary for that technology to be able to convert along with the business. This eliminates the need to overhaul your processes as your business expands. Many tech companies are offering business solutions that are malleable to the individual needs of the client, bundling low tech with high tech, and marketing themselves to the small businesses, the start-ups, and major corporations.

Michael Allen, Director of Applications Performance Management at Compuware, had this to say about the influence of technology on the success of business. “What is clear is that IT is no longer just an operational expense. Technology is critical to a business’ financial health and integral to all lines of business; from finance to marketing; customer service to supply chain and distribution.”

Cloudy Days

Any technology is not necessarily good technology for business. Older server systems or even shared hosting plans can delay productivity and effect vital business communication, which is detrimental to the bottom line. Many tech companies offer cloud hosting, which is any web hosting service, with multiple servers that are connected to a group of online servers. This offers more flexibility and speed.

According to Cloud Hosting Review, virtual private servers have room for expansion and more storage capabilities than some more elementary hosting services. Cloud hosting not only enables businesses to access their information anywhere, it also allows for remote collaboration. Cloud hosting also provides for more advanced video conferencing, with the ability to connect to multiple users simultaneously on the cloud. Using cloud based services such as Polycom video conferencing BlueJeans, connection and communication can be virtually glitch free.

Much of the growth of a business depends on the relationships made and maintained. The partnerships established in a business can see it through unforeseen hurdles. A strong communication network is vital to the success of those partnerships. Technology like cloud hosting and computing offers much in the way of advanced communication.

Risky Business

With much technology comes increasing dependence on said technology. Business owners should never take for granted the possible security risks attached to technological advances. It’s up to the business to be certain they have researched their cloud service providers before they sign up for their service. They also need to make sure that they have a backup plan for their company’s security should the system be compromised.

The greater risk, however, is in not utilizing available technology at all. A company’s path to success can be found in the relationships and partnerships it builds. Technology today offers much in the area of relationship building. When a multinational company can communicate with its foreign and domestic partners with ease, the company flourishes. When a start-up is not hindered from the ability to communicate with possible investors by travel costs it cannot yet afford, it is put on the path to a successful future.

A company must allow for strong technology to make way for effective communication both internally and among outsiders. The growth of relationships could be the growth of the company, so the flow of communication must run smoothly. It is imperative for companies to allow growing technology to establish a foundation for strong business relationships.