5 Offbeat Mobile Marketing Techniques That Will Increase Sales

5 Offbeat Mobile Marketing Techniques That Will Increase Sales
By Sophorn Chhay

You got into mobile marketing because you know your target audience is spending more and more time on their mobile phones and away from their desktops. But, investing in mobile marketing is not just for fun. You want to increase your bottom line, not just meet all of your mobile customers. Prospects and customers who access the Internet via mobile phones are generally busy people, going from work to home, or school to work while picking up email and other messages in between. How can you grab their attention and keep them engaged enough to convert into buying customers? The first step is getting to know your customer base very well, and creating a persona or personas for your target audience. Once you have completed this step, what techniques can you use to increase your sales? Here are five offbeat suggestions to try with your customers.


1. Create a Music Video

There is no question that videos reign supreme on mobile devices. People love to share videos with friends, and they go from YouTube to Facebook to email. Marketo used this idea for a marketing campaign of theirs, and created a music video to introduce a marketing tool, The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation. Obviously, this topic is not usually set to music, but this method of marketing is a great way to add humor to what is normally a serious topic, and get your customers and prospects to remember you. If nothing else, you will have fun making it and it can be used for brand marketing on all your marketing channels. Even your staff will love this idea for in-house marketing. What is unique about this example is that it is a B2B company.

2. Create a Quirky Slideshow

Marketing Profs used this marketing method to gain attention for their brand. The slideshow, 15 Marketing Buzzwords to Stop Using, uses a hand-drawn style to reach out to customers in a humorous fashion. This method is similar to the music video in that it is a brilliant way to stand out and be remembered. While the topic is funny, the content shows off the company’s ability to create something different. And who wouldn’t want to know the buzzwords? This can be shared easily using mobile via texting or through social media channels.

3. Instagram-Only Campaigns

Instagram is a mobile-only app. You can access the site on a desktop for account settings and viewing only. All interaction is done on mobile. This app is used primarily by people aged 35 and younger, with an almost equal division between men and women. One of the most original ideas used on Instagram by Shinichi Mine (@smine27) is creating short videos talking directly into the camera. He is a food blogger and uses Instagram to get personal with his followers. It is a perfect venue for a virtual one-on-one.

4. Send Followers on a Treasure Hunt

If you are a retailer or restaurateur with more than one location, you can send your mobile customers on a treasure hunt with a real reward for completion. You can have followers take a picture at each location they visit for entries into a sweepstakes or for coupon rewards. Another possibility is to have them use QR codes to register.

5. Create Highly Shareable Content for a Wider Community

Sometimes you need to market to a wider community than your target audience to get noticed. One company, AutoCAD WS, used this idea to promote their B2B engineering app. They asked users to create funny content that appealed to more than just engineers to market their brand.

Sophorn Chhay is an Inbound Marketing Specialist specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generated sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a† free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.