3 Business Travel Necessities To Keep You On Track While On The Road

3 Business Travel Necessities To Keep You On Track While On The Road

In a universal economy powered by technology that makes interstate and international business dealings more prevalent than ever, business travel is steadily increasing. The Global Business Travel Association reports that in 2016 business travel spending is expected to increase 5.4 percent from 2015 to reach nearly $320 billion. This requires employees to adapt to working efficiently in any environment and while on the road.

If you find yourself on a business trip, the following three tools will ensure you’re prepared for work no matter your surroundings.


Reliable Smartphone

Guarantee you always have access to your work emails and important alerts from co-workers and superiors by using a reliable smartphone with Internet access available wherever you’re traveling. Look for one with enough storage to keep important files on hand and to save new ones. Make sure all significant contacts are stored, and set up an email app that allows for chatting or video conferencing calls.

SIM Starter Kits, like the one found in the LG G4 from T-Mobile, are also valuable because they allow you to have access to calls, texts and data worldwide without having to pay hefty fees. If you travel to specific areas, check out smartphone coverage in that location to choose your optimal brand. You also should install a recovery app that enables you to lock and track your phone should you lose it or have it stolen. To keep your phone more secure, look for accessories that allow you to keep it close, such as lanyards and belt fasteners.

Cloud Storage

In the case of a lost, broken or stolen laptop or smartphone, it’s imperative that all the data you need is backed up with cloud storage. With free options like Dropbox and Google Drive, it’s simple to organize work documents and make them accessible from any device.

To automatically back up data, download the cloud storage app for each device you’re using, and turn on the automatic backup option. You won’t have to remember to save photos, presentations or documents while you’re working — the cloud does it for you.

To save money on cloud storage, download several services and use their allotted free storage amounts. Services such as Otixo sync multiple cloud storage applications and enable you to access all your data from one location.

Finance Apps

Keeping track of receipts for business expenses can be stressful, and inaccuracies and lost paperwork can cause you to lose money. Free business travel finance applications enable you to seamlessly enter your expenditures with a few clicks, so you get the refund you deserve. “Concur Mobile” is a free app that works on any type of device and allows you to easily track mileage, credit card transactions and receipts. It also assists you in booking airfare and hotels.

When choosing the best form of payment for your business travel, look for business credit cards that offer cash back on purchases or give rewards toward flights and hotels. Your business may be open to going completely digital and using a digital wallet that allows you to pay with your smartphone. This eliminates the risk of losing a credit card.

When choosing applications and devices for business travel, examine options that offer several features, have positive reviews and offer 24/7 customer support to accommodate your needs no matter what time zone you find yourself.