5 Ways To Increase Your Business Recycling Efforts

5 Ways To Increase Your Business Recycling Efforts

Recycling is something that not only can cut down your costs, but also show your customers you are serious about helping the environment. In the current climate, clients tend to choose businesses they believe have green principles, and demonstrating this in your own behaviour can be very beneficial. If you want to improve how much your business currently recycles, here are five easy ways to do more:


1) Organize Your Rubbish Collections

Most businesses are interested in sorting their rubbish so that recyclables can be taken and recycled as appropriate. However, this can be difficult, especially if you have a high waste business like a restaurant. Working with a company that provides a range of services that can help you recycle your waste more efficiently can ensure you’re making sure your trash is recycled wherever possible without too much extra effort from your own team.

2) Reuse Internally

Sometimes you don’t even need to use an external service to recycle. If you encourage staff to do tasks like use the backs of printouts for notes, you can help cut your own costs as well as recycling materials internally. Of course, those notes can then go in your paper recycling and be recycled again.

3) Avoid Disposable Cups

You may provide coffee and tea machines, or water coolers for people to use within your business. Whether you’re an office or a gym, these services are pretty much expected from staff and guests. However, those plastic cups can be problematic in green terms. And while you can make sure there is a receptacle for them to end up in the recycling, it can be better still to ask people to bring in their own mugs, cups or bottles for coffee and water.

4) Recycle Toner Cartridges

To be truly green, you should avoid printing whenever possible. But you can save money and resources even when you have to print by making sure you recycle your toner cartridges. Many companies offer this service, and it not only helps you save money on the printouts you need to make, but also means that those empty cartridges don’t end up in a landfill.

5) Use LED Lighting

Recycling is beneficial, but one of the best ways you can be green and cut your costs is to switch to LED lighting. Most high quality LEDs only need replacing every ten years, so you won’t have to worry about recycling the bulbs very often. And they only use about 10% of the energy of halogen bulbs, so outfitting your office out with LEDs will save a great amount in energy costs.

Recycling and looking for other ways to avoid waste at your workplace can really affect your cost overhead. It can also make your company actually greener and a more appealing proposition for your potential customers and staff. By keeping your team on board with your green policies and looking for ways to introduce more environmentally friendly policies, you can make a substantial difference in the environment.