What It Means to Be A Google Certified Shop

What It Means to Be A Google Certified Shop

If you want to grow your e-commerce business online, it’s important to look at all of the most common elements that a consumer will look for when shopping new brands online. One of the most important of these would be trust. Recognizable brands, reviews, security and badges of authority within your industry all play a part in trust.

This is perhaps the most important advantage of having a Google Certified Shop. The trust factor it can build for your e-commerce store when displaying the Google Certified Shop badge and its accompanying orange stars. Stars that provide a quick and very visual way of ranking your website for customer satisfaction in the eyes of potential new visitors to your website. But what exactly is a Google Certified Shop and how can you join the program?


Here is the information you need to help better understand what’s involved and how to go about applying for this status.

The Advantages Of Being A Google Certified Shop

As mentioned above, the main advantage is the trust factor that goes along with being Google certified. Google is the largest and most trusted search engine that sets the standards and because of this being Google certified lends credence to what you have to say or sell. Merchants that are Google certified also need to act in accordance with Google’s best practices, and knowing this consumers have recourse should anything go wrong and their transaction meets Google’s criteria for dispute.

How To Apply To Become A Google Certified Shop

There are several steps to take when you want to take part in this program but the most important thing to know is whether or not you meet the criteria set out by Google. A rather good summary of this information can be found on the Converted website. As an agency comprised of some of the leading UK AdWords specialists, you can trust that the information provided is current and reliable in terms of what Google is looking for in applying to the Google Certified Shop program.

Simply put, a merchant is required to do a certain volume of business within a given time period in order to qualify, but there are other minor criteria which must be met as well. It’s easy to apply and the only real challenge might be adding the code to your site when it comes time to display the Google badge that authenticates your site as a participating member.

Here are some examples:

You are required to meet certain shipping (delivery) and customer service levels. The criterion for this is somewhat vague on Google’s official site.:

Merchants are measured on the following shipping and service metrics:

Delivery – High percentage of orders with on-time shipping. Participating merchants must ship the order within the time frame that was specified upon purchase. Low average days for product to ship. Participating merchants must ship in a timely manner.

Service – High percentage of issues resolved quickly. Participating merchants must resolve any customer issues in a timely manner. Low number of customers needing assistance with an issue.

What Consumers Love About Google Certified Shops

Perhaps the biggest ‘selling point’ for becoming certified by Google is the issue of dispute resolution. Customers, especially new customers, want to know that their purchases are protected if and when there should be a dispute. If a resolution cannot be made between the customer and the merchant, Google will first look at whether or not the transaction meets eligibility requirements and if so, will step in to work as a liaison to resolve any outstanding issues. Consumers trust Google, as mentioned again and again, so this level of protection is something that is appealing to new and old customers alike.

In the end, what it means to be a Google Certified Shop boils down to two main areas of focus. Primarily this program lends authenticity/trust to your site, and secondly a Google Certified Shop gains higher visibility and thus a greater opportunity for increased traffic. If you are a merchant, new or old, that is looking to become more highly competitive in today’s digital market, you just might want to consider becoming Google certified.

If you would like more information then contact a digital marketing agency such as converted.co.uk and they will help advise you on the process and implementation.