Why Sleep Deprivation Is A Workplace Hazard

Why Sleep Deprivation Is A Workplace Hazard

According to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation in 2008, almost one third of workers in the USA report that feelings of sleepiness in the daytime interfere with their daily work activities at least a few days per month. Thirteen percent of employees surveyed admitted to taking naps during work due to the severity of their tiredness and fatigue. The line between home and work is blurring. Americans are working longer hours with the average work day of 9.5 hours, plus many employees are spending an average of four and a half extra hours per week working from home. Those who work long hours report experiencing lower productivity, greater levels of impatience, and difficulty concentrating: all of which can pose a greater risk of workplace injury.


Lack of Sleep = Lack of Concentration

In a number of industries, it’s vital that workers remain concentrated and acutely aware of the work which they’re doing. This is even more essential in those jobs which employ the use of heavy or dangerous machinery and tools which are able to cause harm to the worker and others if used incorrectly or without due care and attention. Sleeplessness is a prime cause of a lack of concentration, as it directly affects those areas of the brain that are vital to concentrating on a task. Workers who are suffering from a lack of sleep often experience difficulty remaining concentrated, which can cause a serious hazard if they are working with machinery that could cause harm.

Lack of Motivation

Employees who are not fully engaged in their work and motivated can easily slip up, make mistakes or even cut corners, all of which can cause a hazard to be posed. Sleeplessness has been directly tied to a loss of productivity in workers which can subsequently cause them to become less motivated and pay less attention to their work. In certain industries, this can pose a great deal of risk as it is important for employees to be fully engaged with their work for health and safety reasons.

What To Do If You’re Suffering From A Lack Of Sleep

If you are currently suffering from sleeplessness and you feel that it could have an effect on your work or put yourself and other employees at risk, it’s important that you speak to an authority figure such as a manager or supervisor immediately. They will then be able to advise you on the necessary steps to take steps such as switching to less demanding tasks, or even taking time off to recuperate. If necessary, you may need to visit a doctor to get a prescription for sleeping pills which can help ensure that you have the necessary amount of sleep each night in order to carry out your job without risk. If you’ve already experienced an injury at work due to your own or somebody else’s sleeplessness problems, contact a personal injury lawyer such as Lamber Goodnow.

Getting enough sleep isn’t just vital for your health, it can also keep you safe at work. Speak to your doctor if you are having problems with sleeplessness or fatigue.