Why Event Marketing
Is On The Rise In 2016

Although most people today look for products and new brands online, there is a growing trend for consumers to want to interact with the merchants they deal with. This is perhaps the main reason why we are seeing an upswing in the number of direct marketing sales events around the globe. But there are many other reasons why events have taken over the world of marketing.


A Face Behind The Name

Leading marketing experts have found that consumers want to know who they are buying from. It isn’t always a matter of trust, but that is a very big factor. It is sometimes a big risk to send money over the Internet for a product being purchased from a company you have never heard of. Unfortunately there are so many scams out there that it makes it difficult for new brands to grow a market share. When represented by a marketing firm, consumers equate that sales or customer service rep with a face behind the name.

The average consumer may not know that the person they are speaking with is not actually associated with the company, but rather a marketing representative working for or with an outsourced agency. Even so, it gives the customer a feeling of security knowing that there are real people selling real products and not some Nigerian Ponzi scheme set on taking their hard earned money.

A Hands On Experience

Sometimes products need to be demonstrated for the customer to get a full understanding of just what it can do. This is usually the case with some of the more innovative high tech devices, and so being able to get a hands on demonstration is sometimes the deal clincher. There are also times when a large assembly can be introduced to a product or service in a large gathering much like a lecture hall on a college campus. Sometimes an audio/video presentation is necessary to show graphs and highlight statistics when the product in question is intangible such as an Internet analytics program.

When breaking up into small groups after the presentation, the audience can then get the hands on portion of the demonstration. However, during the actual presentation, the audience will be in fixed seating provided by companies like www.seatingconcepts.com. The lecture hall is sometimes part of a large venue where tables and booths can be set up outside for customers to browse, but the main educational portion of the presentation is in the auditorium.

So , not only can a potential customer get to meet a face behind the brand, but they will also receive a hands on demonstration. These are really the top two reasons why event marketing has hit the big time. The marketers are there to answer any questions you might have and to dialogue with the audience. This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to quickly build a customer base. And many deals are closed right there on the spot. So with a potential future customer base and an immediate addition of customers who buy, there are few ways that an event can fail. That’s event based direct marketing at its best.