Social Card Playing Online

Social Card Playing Online

Did you know being the second largest populated country, India is also the world’s third biggest Internet user nation? Yes, that’s absolutely right, according to 2013 figures shared by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, it revealed that after the USA and China, India ranks next in terms of Internet usage. Most people find recreation online and one of the most chosen forms of recreation is playing games online, especially card games. Numerous games come and go, but there are few online games which keep hundreds and thousands of Internet users engrossed for many years.


Even though there are many card games available online to play, the one which has been picked up the most and has become quite popular is Indian Rummy, and is one of the best places to play this game. Over the years, card game players in India have raised their skills and they have switched from just playing simple solitaire on their personal computer and smart phones to multiplayer games online. Indian Rummy is a thrilling online card game that entertains many people of all age groups. Apart from the excitement of playing this game, there is additional enjoyment of winning attractive prizes and cash. This game is not at all complex; the site also provides a simple tutorial to newbies.

Indian Rummy played online is a multiplayer game which allows the player to interact with many other players. At, you can also receive a bonus package along with other stunning offers that will surely make your game more interesting that it already is. Rummy is a draw and discard based card game which is played all over India. 13 cards Indian Rummy is a game where multiple players can play, between 2 to 6 players. The main aim of this card game is to blend all the cards which are in your hand to make sequences and combinations as the game proceeds.

Now let’s let into a little detail. First, a winning hand is when you make two sequences in which at least one of the sequences is without a Joker. Usually played with 2 decks of cards; each of which contains 52 cards and just 1 face Joker. Other than the face joker the decks of cards have one additional joker which is picked at the start of every game. All the cards with either this number or this picture from all the four suits are regarded as jokers. Each of the players is given 13 cards each to play with and that’s why it’s called the 13 Cards Indian Rummy, also popularly known as Classical Rummy. The game comes to an end when a player makes a usable show with zero deadwood cards. The crucial thing is to make the true show while declaring a win otherwise the player will end up with an entire count of deadwood points, which you do not want.

The best thing today is that people who enjoy playing this game can easily play Indian Rummy on their personal computers, laptops and also on their smart phones. The site has made it possible for all the players to play online Indian rummy while traveling as it’s now on your smart phones. All one needs to do is to simply download the app on their phones to enjoy the game.