2016 Q1 Facebook Data

2016 Q1 Facebook Data
By Dr. Hannu Verkasalo

Facebook is one of the biggest digital companies globally. Per our data collection, Facebook has 151m monthly users on smartphones and 75m on tablets in the U.S., which showcases its successful transition to mobile, something many other publishers have struggled to do.

Facebook also controls a wide portfolio of apps: Instagram has 127m monthly users and Facebook Messenger has 102m in the US, and it is extraordinary to have 100m+ user properties beyond one’s flagship property. WhatsApp does not have as wide success in the U.S. as it does in Europe and Asia, with only 20m unique monthly U.S. users.

The billion dollar question is whether Facebook can continue to build its portfolio of mobile apps further in terms of reach and monetization, and in the long term whether it can penetrate to living rooms and consumers’ lives even deeper via virtual reality and artificial intelligence.



  • – 4M users have accessed one of Facebook’s online services at least once during March 2016 in the US, which puts Facebook’s net reach in the US at 95.9%.*
  • – On average, 186.0M users access Facebook’s services on a daily basis giving it a stickiness index of 78%.
  • – On Average a Facebook user spends 45.2 hours a month on Facebook’s services and the average session duration is 7.4 Minutes.

Among primary online devices**:

  • – PC remains the most used device to access Facebook’s properties with 175.0M Monthly users.
  • – Smartphones come in second with 151.4M users, while tablets were used by 74.6M users.
  • – The average time spent per user per month is highest among PC users with the average Facebook PC user spending 40.9 hours a month vs 18.2 hours on Smartphones and 10.0 hours on Tablets.
  • – 52% of Facebook’s user base are Women and 48% are Men.
  • – 31% of Facebook’s users are Millennials, 26% Gen X, 31% Baby Boomers and 12% Silents.

Facebook’s top properties are:

  • Facebook
    • – Monthly Users: 234.0M users; Average Time Spent per user per Month: 25.9 Hours
    • – Sessions per User per Month: 215; Average Session Duration: 7.2 Minutes
  • Instagram
    • – Monthly Users: 127.3M users; Average Time Spent per user per Month: 1.7 Hours
    • – Sessions per User per Month: 46; Average Session Duration: 2.2 Minutes
  • Facebook Messenger
    • – Monthly Users: 101.6M users; Average Time Spent per user per Month: 0.6 Hours
    • – Sessions per User per Month: 52; Average Session Duration: 0.7 Minutes
  • WhatsApp
    • – Monthly Users: 19.7M users; Average Time Spent per user per Month: 6.8 Hours
    • – Sessions per User per Month: 189; Average Session Duration: 2.2 Minutes

Notes: * US Online Adult Population (18 or above); ** PCs, Smartphones and Tablets.  

Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, Ph.D., is the CEO of Verto Analytics.