Instant Sales Plus Higher Conversion With These Ecommerce Tips

Instant Sales Plus Higher Conversion With These Ecommerce Tips

Developing and managing an online store is both easy and difficult. The ecommerce platforms and the vast internet marketing instruments available allow you to quickly set up and promote your online store. It will not be long before you start getting significant traffic every day. Converting those visitors into customers and actually banking sales however can be more difficult than you think. While there are numerous ways you can optimize your online store to maximize conversion, these next few tips will help you get instant sales and increase conversion rates quickly. Let’s take a closer look at them:


Simplify Your Checkout Process

Most ecommerce platforms and CMS (content management system) scripts use a checkout workflow that involves completing two or three steps to complete the purchase. When the customer is new to the site, completing a long sign-up form is also necessary. The best way to greatly boost your conversion rate is by simplifying this checkout routine. Customer registration, for example, can be replaced with a social sign-in. Yes, you still need the customer to provide a delivery address, but other personal information such as their email address can be acquired from their social media profile directly.

The same can be said for the actual checkout process. Accepting credit card payments is a must. There are merchant service providers such as that allows online stores to accept even high risk payments swiftly. Cutting just one step out of the checkout process can help reduce dropped carts and increase your conversion.

Maximize User Engagement

While browsing through catalogues and comparing products is easy, they’re not always generating user engagement. Adding simple elements such as the ability to change the item’s color can help improve user experience and conversion rate at the same time. There is a tactile feeling produced by this type of user interaction. When a customer selects a color and the product photo changes accordingly, that customer is more likely to make a purchase. Tactile animations and a smooth shopping experience are also among the factors that help increase conversion.

Don’t just focus on the product catalogue. You can apply the same strategy to other parts of the online store too. The blog section should have comments enabled to allow customers and visitors to discuss. A Live Help icon on the bottom of the screen will also help increase confidence and push your conversion rate even higher.

Embrace Social Commerce

Don’t forget to maintain a healthy presence on popular social networks. Interact with potential customers and always take the time to answer questions on social media. You can also use the built-in advertising network to help promote your products or special offers.

Most social networks now have a set of integrated commerce features, which means you can let customers buy your products directly from the social media page. This alone can help shorten the shopping and checkout process by a couple of steps, which means you will get a much higher conversion rate in return. All you have to do is target the right audience segment and you’re set.