How To Improve Social Media Engagement

How To Improve Social Media Engagement

Creating valuable content is meaningless without reaching the right audience. Every brand’s goal is to have thousands or millions of loyal followers while amassing new ones. The majority of today’s consumers are already active on one social media platform or the other and millions are signing up daily. Both big and small brands are always eager to know how they can optimize advertising on these platforms whether paid or free.


A typical content marketing definition will recognize the importance of having a powerful and flexible social media strategy. The trends of content marketing are constantly changing and it’s important to keep up. Let’s check out the different ways to boost social media engagement.

Use Appealing Visuals

High quality pictures and videos easily captivate the attention of viewers more than ordinary text. They also attract more shares, views and thus promote high levels of engagement for brands. A basic understanding of the appropriate picture types and sizes that are suitable for each channel will assist in getting the desired results.

Know Your Audience

This can be achieved by interacting with them from time to time and delivering the type of content that meet their needs. Through your interactions, their various interests can be revealed which will serve as resources for the type of content to create. Getting to know your audience also involves giving timely responses across your platforms.

Organize Contests

Without gainsaying, contests are effective means of increasing engagement, especially if giveaways like products or services are inclusive. You can simply ask your audience to caption a photo, share their stories, or vote to win. Many people are bound to participate in this type of content and will check your page frequently to know whether they emerge as a winner. Once the contest is over, ensure that you present what you promised to the winners.

Schedule Question And Answer Sessions

One sure way to handle most of your followers’ questions is streaming live videos. Facebook Live or Google Hangouts are being used by most brands to develop a strong bond with their audience. Questions on the website or social media sites can be answered with these tools. During the course of each session your audiences also have the opportunity to ask anything in the comments section. As you reply to them remember to mention their usernames.

Share Content From Other Channels

Even though your brand means a lot to you, sharing useful content from other sources will pose no harm. When sharing external content, you can mention or tag the original authors. When you do this regulary, it will spark interaction, more shares and boost visibility.

Decide On Your Channels

It’s tempting to be active on all social media sites, but not altogether rewarding. As a matter of fact, all these channels won’t be suitable for your brand. Carrying out research can help in discovering where your audience is most active and at what time of the day. It will be easier to focus on the appropriate channels.