How To Write A Great
Social Media Case Study

A case study is the paper that can help you describe a specific situation in any field of study. You are supposed to focus on its problems and provide the reader with the professional solution. As long as you write about social media, you can concentrate on the particular online resource, analyze its advantages and disadvantages, and solve its current problems that reduce its work. A case study requires your knowledge about the value and importance of social media and its strong and weak sides. Get to know how to prepare a successful case study on social media with the help of these simple tips.

Social Media Case Study

Stage #1: Prepare For Writing

  • Imagine The Overall Problem
    One can hardly compose a grand case study if he or she does not know what to write about. When writing about social media, one should learn about this subject in great detail. Read the definition of social media and its components. Define its role in the modern society. Is it going to develop any further? After that, you can focus on the more specific aspects of social media. You can choose the definite group of websites, social networking sites or blogs that can be called the integral elements of social media.
  • Construct Your Thesis Statement
    The following step is the definition of your issue. Learn about the chosen online resource and its activity in order to understand the norms of its work. How do users create and spread news? Is this resource useful and popular? You are supposed to study its strengths and weaknesses in order to find the blind spots in it. You can think about the improvement of the service’s work. On the other hand, you can focus on the certain situation related to the problem of social media. For instance, you can write about the problem of fake news and dark public relations. Observe how one can create fake news with the shade of credibility and spread it on the web. Study the effect of this news on the target audience and the victim. When you choose your definite issue, you ought to generate a firm thesis statement that will reflect the idea of your case study. For example, you can say ‘Social media is the source of fake news’. This statement sounds firmly and your duty is to prove your words with solid arguments.

Stage #2: Start Writing Your Case Study

  • Create An Informative Introduction
    Your initial duty is to present the general information about your case. Make the reader interested in your research. Why have you decided to analyze the problem of social media? Is it relevant? What are you going to achieve? Have you read about the similar cases previously? You can mention the scholars who have analyzed this issue before.
  • Present Your Case
    In this section, you should provide the reader with the raw data. For example, you can write about a certain website that spreads the specific fake news among its followers. You mention the feedback of the audience and the related links to this information on other websites. You can say that you have studied the general information and you are going to find the primary source of this fake content. Moreover, you want to find the purpose of its creation. Next, you need to demonstrate your analysis of the case, your first observations and examinations. In brief, you ought to show the methodology of your research. In addition, this part should include the approximate cause and effect of the suggested problem on social media. Why did the problem occur? What is its effect?
  • Focus On Your Management And Outcome
    Here you need to inform the reader about the management of your case. How are you going to solve the existing problem? If you research the case that occurred in the past, you can simply describe its actual solution. Your task is to brainstorm your own way out. You should solve this problem differently. Prepare multiple solutions in order to demonstrate your sharp mind and creativity. Compare the actual solution with your own and find the pros and cons of both ways out. Which solution is better? If you analyze the real case on social media, say how it was resolved. Was the resolution positive? What would you add or change?
  • Discuss Your Case
    You are supposed to share your results and impressions with the reader. What have you learned about the case about social media? Evaluate the complexity of the suggested issue and share the difficulties you have met in the process of writing. Think about the cause and effect of the problem again and say whether such cases can happen again. Can such a problem be prevented?

Stage #3: Manage Your Style

Social media is a problem related to sociology; therefore, it should be based on dry numbers, statistics, solid facts and arguments. You do not need to be expressive, but supply the reader with the credible data. Write the entire text as if it is an experiment or instruction. Keep to the formal tone of writing.


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