Social Media Marketing Tips For 2017

Social Media Marketing Tips For 2017

Social media marketing, in general, is huge. It’s been expanding over the last few years and now everyone from personal bloggers, online businesses like auster, and even big businesses are utilizing it. But, as with everything online, social media marketing is evolving and changing all the time. To stay on top of your game, you need to keep up to date with the latest strategies and tricks. Here are some great tips to make sure you’re using social media marketing to its fullest potential in 2017.

Live Video

Over recent months, we have all seen live videos on Facebook. Mainly from our friends checking in places and showing the sights. But, businesses are set to use this technology more and across other platforms. Research shows that in 2016 14% of marketers tried live video in their campaigns. This looks set to rise to 43% in 2017. With live video feeds currently available on Twitter, Facebook and Periscope, it’s important to target your videos where it matters. Think about which platforms your target audience is using and focus your efforts there. Listen to feedback and ask what people want to see. Monitor your site stats to see what’s working.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest offer their users the opportunity to buy directly from advertisements on their websites and apps. Snapchat is also experimenting with this technology. Utilizing social media to sell directly simplifies the process for customers and can increase sales massively over a short period of time. Many users of social media shop on impulse, so eye catching pictures and engagement with users can make all the difference.


Small businesses and sole traders have been using social media scheduling apps for a while. Apps like tailwind make it easier to seem like you are a more active user. Smaller businesses choose these instead of hiring social media or digital managers to do the work for them. As scheduling apps grow, you will be able to use them across more platforms.

Disappearing Content

Snapchat first introduced us to disappearing or ephemeral content a few years ago. For a while, it looked like no one else was going to follow. But, toward the end of 2016, Instagram introduced their own ephemeral features, allowing users to share disappearing videos with their followers. Use ephemeral videos and pictures to show the personality behind your business. It’s unpolished and raw. Your customers like getting to know you, so it will increase loyalty and trust.


Personalized marketing allows you to market toward specific users, instead of launching the same wide reaching campaign to everyone. Personalized marketing uses your followers’ likes, follows and interests, to show them what they want to see. To keep on top of your social media game, keep up to date with current trends and developments. The world doesn’t stand still, and you can’t either.