Three Reasons To Invest In Patient Feedback Management Solutions

Three Reasons To Invest In Patient Feedback Management Solutions
By Sabrina Egan

In the last several years, the healthcare industry has seen an increased focus in online patient reviews. With the continual development of the healthcare industry’s online presence, it’s imperative for physicians and healthcare facilities to understand the advantages associated with patient feedback management solutions.

Below is a list of reasons why healthcare companies should invest in patient feedback solutions in 2017.

Responding To Online Reviews Is Vital

In today’s social media driven society, patients are progressively vocalizing their experiences and frustrations across multiple online platforms. Based on the platform used to submit their feedback, patients have a different set of expectations for receiving responses from their healthcare provider. For example, a patient who leaves a negative review on Facebook may expect a timely response, whereas someone who leaves feedback on an online rating and review site may not expect one at all, but it’s just as important to respond to both. Therefore, healthcare facilities need to closely monitor and understand the numerous patient online review channels in order to meet their patients’ expectations. Creating an attentive patient experience can make patients feel more comfortable, less anxious and can foster a strong relationship between the doctor, their practice and the patient. Extending a prompt response to address a patient’s concern, or thanking them for a favorable review, could greatly increase a hospital or physician’s patient retention rate.

Monitoring Online Reputation

Online patient reviews, both negative and positive, are influential in selecting a physician or healthcare facility, which is why it’s important for healthcare providers to read and respond to all types of feedback. Positive reviews can rapidly grow and expand the business; however, one negative online review could potentially alter a patient’s overall perception of a physician or healthcare facility. A survey of 1,438 patients show that 94 percent of respondents chose one provider over another, with similar qualifications, based on online reviews. By promoting positive patient experiences online, medical practices not only gain favor from existing patients, but also from community partners and future patients.

Gaining A Competitive Advantage

Understanding the overall patient experience sets physicians and practices up for success within the competitive healthcare industry. With the ability to digitally compile all patient feedback across multiple online channels, healthcare facilities can glean meaningful patient insight; turning constructive online feedback into customer facing improvement. A recent Practice Operations Survey revealed that 61 percent of practitioners surveyed effectively took measures to decrease patient wait time after reviewing patient experience feedback reports. After surveying and monitoring about 800 practices across the country, physicians collectively concluded they proactively dedicated more effort into learning about the patient’s experience to increase overall patient retention and boost patient recommendations and referrals. Monitoring, analyzing and making improvement based on patient engagement feedback is an easy way to compete within the industry.

If healthcare organizations begin taking measures now to gather, review and analyze patient feedback, they will undoubtedly increase patient satisfaction and improve their online reputation. Patient feedback management tools have a robust impact on ratings, referrals, retention and overall success of a healthcare organization.

Sabrina Egan is a Customer Experience Advisor at Binary Fountain.