How To Select An Academic Writing Service

How To Select An Academic Writing Service

There is absolutely no doubt in the value of a good academic writing service, especially for those within the realm of academia. Academic writing services help students and researchers alike by outsourcing some of the work to a specialized writer that can assist with their paper.

In some cases, students use the writers to draft out a complete version of the article they are trying to make, while others use these services as an outline and assistance within research. Depending on what you want to use these services for, it’s imperative that you understand the fundamentals on choosing the right academic writing service that will deliver both quality and respect deadlines.

Below we’ll be diving into the details on finding these services that are both legitimate and can provide outstanding quality in the delivery of the final product.

Check The Website

The first thing that you have to do is visit any particular writing services’ website. It will give you an indication of ‘what type’ of company you’re dealing with it. Of course, even scam sites can make beautiful looking websites. However, there are certain elements scam sites tend to avoid, and these are:

  • Lack of Contact Information
  • Unclear Terms and Conditions
  • No Refund Policy

The last point in this section doesn’t mean that if a company has no return policy, they are automatically a scam site. However, many scam sites explicitly emphasize that they don’t have a refund policy. Most of the legitimate sites reviewed in the past have some “guarantee” or “refund” in place because they know that they can’t satisfy all clients always. Thus, when you see a site that lacks contact information, has unclear terms and conditions, and of course no refund policy, you might be looking at a scam site.

The lack of contact information is necessary. Most legitimate sites have clear contact information on their site and usually implement a broad range of communication abilities. Whether we’re talking about live chat features, a telephone number to call, or an email, these are all necessary when you choose a writing service. If you can’t talk to the site, then how can you trust them to do your work for you?

Check The Reviews

Another item you have to do before committing to any academic writing service is to check the reviews. You can do this either by searching google for something like “Reviews on (,” and you’ll quickly find out whether there are any negative reviews on the particular domain you’re searching for it.

Another site you can utilize is where users post whether they have been ripped off by a company in the past. If you do happen to find the URL you’re thinking about engaging on this site, read whether the disputes have been clarified or whether they’re still unresolved. It will give you a strong indication of whether the location is to be trusted or not.

Take your time in reviewing the site comments before making a decision as many scam sites invest in reputation management services to boost their positive feedback and eradicate their negative comments. Thus, don’t settle for just one site that gives positive reviews. Go out of your way to look for the negative ones too. If it’s hard to find any negative comments on the site, then you’re probably looking at a good academic writing service e.g.

Quality of The Writing

Next, you’ll want to check out a few samples and see whether the standards of the writers are up to par. It’s strongly recommended you check out a few samples and if there is the possibility, see an example of the specific writer you’ll be employing. It will make you verify whether they do provide quality, what their tone and voice are (as this is important and has to reflect your own) and how fast they deliver the work. Without knowing this, you should not commit to any writing service.

Talk To Them Before Buying

Finally, before you make your decision to utilize their services, reach out to the site personally. Let them answer your questions, provide you with more information about the process, and provide you with some previously written samples.

Depending on your interaction with the site, and if the site did a good job, you’ll be convinced that your investment is safe. If there is still a nagging feeling in the back of your head, then follow the steps above to see whether you are in fact dealing with a scam site or not.

It comes down to due diligence on your part before forking over your cash. This is one of the most important aspects of doing your research before deciding on your academic writing service provider.

Bottom Line

It comes down to you doing some leg work to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you weed out any non-viable candidates from your list of options.