3 Ways To Improve Productivity

3 Ways To Improve Productivity 

We all want to boost our efficiency and enjoy a better work life balance, but it’s the time when we’re busiest that productivity proves the most elusive. We know that inefficiency in the workplace affects our customers, our employees and ultimately, our bottom line. But in these changing times, when businesses seem to be working at double speed, how can we possibly keep up?

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Boosting your productivity at work is all about implementing time saving practices that will help you achieve more while working less. It’s not about rushing through your work or adding more to your to-do list. In fact, doing these things will likely have the opposite effect in the long term. As well as boosting your own productivity, you also need to help your employees make the most of their time in the office too. Here are five tips to help you increase team satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, and streamline your work/life balance without burning anybody out.

Start Your Day Right

The way you begin your morning will impact your productivity for the entire day, so don’t be tempted to sleep in or skip breakfast. Get your work items ready the night before, set your alarm clock early and try to start the day with a run around the block or a leisurely shower to help you wake up. Dashing out of the house without breakfast is never going to help you create your best work, so give yourself a fighting chance of success by starting your day as you mean to go on, and encourage your staff to do the same.

Beat The Afternoon Slump

Everybody’s body clock is wired differently, which is why some people are super productive first thing in the morning, and others work better at night. Despite this, we all seem to suffer from a lack of motivation after lunch. Instead of downing strong coffees and snacking your way through the slump, try an alternative (healthier) energy booster, such as drinking a liter of water or going for a ten minute walk in the fresh air. Why not give the whole office a mid-afternoon break for physical activity or meditation?

Use Cloud Based Storage

Storing all of your company documents on the cloud will mean they are automatically available to you wherever you have an Internet connection. This solution is especially helpful if you work remotely or if you travel for business, as you won’t need to move your files around between devices. For complete synchronicity, use storage software that’s compatible with your email provider, calendar and contacts (such as Google Drive), and you will save yourself time. Best of all, with cloud software, you don’t have to ever worry about updating the software or applying any patches. That part is taken care of by the cloud service provider. However, the cloud comes with certain security issues, so don’t forget to protect your data using a CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker).


You don’t need to burn yourself out to be more productive at work. Work steadily toward your goals and give yourself regular breaks to keep you feeling energized. Once you start implementing these changes into your daily routine, they will soon become habits, leading you to enjoy a more fulfilling and prosperous working life.