Marketing for Business Owners: Reach Your Income Goals With Five SEO Rules

Marketing for Business Owners: Reach Your Income Goals With Five SEO Rules

Making money while sleeping is every business owner’s dream. But is it attainable? With proper SEO, your website will start ranking for relevant search terms, which should bring you more leads (and customers) without you having to lift a finger. To maximize your chances of success, always keep the following SEO rules in mind:

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Content Is King

This is probably the #1 rule of SEO (and any kind of content publishing in general). After all, you’re creating content for your readers and not the search engines. Here’s the catch: Google monitors how often the visitors decide to click the “back” button in their browser, which is an indicator that they weren’t able to find what they were looking for. How to prevent this from happening? By publishing quality content that keeps them coming back for more and explore other items you’ve published.

Not All Backlinks Weigh Equally

If you need to make the decision of building one top quality backlink or 1000 generic ones, you should always gravitate toward the first choice. So, what makes a top quality backlink? For starters, it should be from a website that’s consistently getting lots of traffic (so you may even get some natural clicks). The website also needs to be from the same niche as yours (or at least as close as possible) since relevancy matters a great deal. Finally, the domain you’re getting it from needs to have a lot of authority in Google’s eyes. It goes without saying that a backlink from the BBC is going to count way more than the one originating from the blog of John Doe.

Loading Times Are Important

An average Internet surfer doesn’t have the time or the patience to wait around for half an hour for your website to finish loading. Consequently, you must optimize your code to allow for faster loading times. In practical terms, this means not using too much Javascript or Flash, merging all CSS files into a single one, and using a fast and responsive CMS. Keeping image file sizes as low as possible also contributes to a faster page speed.

Mobile Friendly Display

Back in the day, the situation was clear cut and there were much more desktop PC users than those who used their phones to navigate the web. But now, the ratio is around 50:50, which means that making your website mobile friendly should be one of your top priorities. You can either take care of this yourself or get in touch with or similar providers who will implement the needed technologies.

Be Smart About The Keywords

Not all keywords are equally as relevant to what your website is all about, and some are harder to rank for than others. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the keyword is, the better (these are also referred to as long tail keywords). While they don’t have a large monthly search volume, they’re laser focused, and more often than not, significantly easier to rank.


Although there is much more to SEO than the scope of this article can cover, adhering to the principles outlined above will do wonders for how the search engines treat your website. Are you excited to finally be able to conquer the top spot of the search engine results?