4 Ways To Use Social Media to Promote a Good Cause

4 Ways To Use Social Media to Promote a Good Cause

For all of the negatives that accompany social media these days, from “fake news,” to serious breaches of user privacy, a lot of good can still come as a result of various social media platforms. Mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have never been more ingrained in people’s lives, and as such, they present an opportunity for businesses and organizations to champion deserving causes like never before. So whether you’re partnering up with a local charity, or you run your own philanthropic operation, here are four ways you can put social media to good use.Make Giving Fun

Soliciting for donations online, or anywhere for that matter, is a difficult task. The good news is you can work to make donations a part of a more enjoyable user experience for your followers online. Combining donations with contests or other events on your page can add the extra layer of gloss you need to raise money for your passion project or charity.

Stay Local

Giving to national charities and organizations are great ways to create a more philanthropic atmosphere at your company. However, if you really want to make an impression on your business’s culture, consider partnering up with causes that are close to home. By working with groups within your area, you can increase your impact when you physically visit key locations. Whether you decide to volunteer at a local testing center, or even a hospital, make sure to take pictures and promote your activity on social media. That way, you can create a more meaningful call to action for those living within your community.

Tell, Don’t Ask

As we mentioned above, it can be quite the arduous assignment to ask for donations online. Often, the better tactic is to share stories, moments, and human experiences with your followers. Providing your social media base with actual stories that they care about will improve your likelihood of increasing interest in your charity or group.Engage, Engage, Engage

One thing all businesses should understand about social media campaigns is that they only find success if they engage with your audience. Getting your followers to like, share, and interact with your content is just the start of your work. However, social media users often find tools to research about other users to gain more followers. For example, a private Instagram viewer without human verification is a quite popular tool to research any profile without letting you know. If you’re ever going to build momentum with a philanthropic movement online, you need to make sure you manage your social media accounts closely. That means responding to followers’ concerns, suggestions, and questions. There’s nothing worse than snuffing out someone’s interest in your project by ignoring or missing a comment they left on your page.

Final Thoughts

In practice, there’s not much difference in constructing a vibrant social media campaign for a business as opposed to a charitable organization. In truth, the key is all about developing a sound relationship with your base of followers. So, if you’re just starting out, don’t worry. You won’t have to radically redesign your social media practices to make an impact. And remember, always be open and honest with your dealings online. Exaggeration and hyperbole will get you nowhere!