Using Technology to Enhance
Your Customer’s Experience

Over the past few years, there has been a big move to online shopping; this has been driven by better internet connections and improved technology. It means that most customers now prefer to buy many of their goods online as opposed to visiting a physical store. If you are looking to start a business, you need to think about what you can offer your customers, and how you can use technology to improve their experience.

Online or Physical Store?

If you are starting a business from the beginning, then the first big question you need to answer is where are you going to sell? The retail market is not as stable as it used to be, so you need to consider whether a physical store is an answer. If your products can be sold online, then this can be a better option for your business. Not only will it reduce your potential overheads, but it will also allow you to sell your products to a wider audience. Of course, if you are planning to open a restaurant, then this is different, but you still need to think about whether technology will help you.

Virtual Reality

Fairly new to the scene, virtual reality is now fast becoming the newest way of improving a customer’s experience. For example, many museums are now using virtual reality as a way for people in other countries to see their exhibits. These experiences are designed to allow people to virtually walk the halls of the museum and zoom in on the exhibits. There is also information on the screen that shows you the details of the piece. For your business, you can use virtual reality to show customers around your products or perhaps as a behind the scenes tour of your warehouse. It will make it more interesting for your customers and could lead to more bookings or sales for your company.

AI Technology

For many companies, using AI, or Artificial Intelligence is something that might not always seem relevant. However, using technology that can learn and adapt to customers experience can be a huge advantage to you and your business. Particularly as customers are now looking for new ways to do their shopping that will make it easier and faster. For example, wouldn’t it be great if your customers had a tailored experience by AI that knew what they regularly ordered? To use this type of technology requires some investment, but by using this company, you could secure the funding you needed to make it work.

Enhanced Website

There is nothing more important to an online store than having a website. Even physical stores need to have an online website so that customers can see your products without having to go to the store. However, your website doesn’t have to be the normal type with basic information. If you want to give your customers a better experience, then why not go for an enhanced website that can not only show them your products but also give them a 360-degree picture of the item that they can see. You can link your site to your virtual tours and also customers services.

Mobile Apps

With billions of people now having a mobile phone, there is little that people don’t use them for. From paying bills to tracking their fitness, mobile phones have become an integral part of peoples lives. Along with this comes mobile apps, of which, games, are the biggest use of the app market, but many companies are now also getting in on the app scene. You might ask yourself, why would my business need an app? Well, there are many good reasons you should think about an app for your company. Firstly, most people who use online stores regularly will download the app so they can access the store quickly. It can take an age to go to the internet and search for your company; it might put people off and instead use a competitor that has an app. If you have a restaurant, then having an app that lets your customers book in advance or check for a table can be a big plus.

Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest things on the internet, and your customers are on there. If you can also set up a presence on these platforms, then you can not only connect with your existing customers but also attract new ones as well. Being on social media gives you a real-time connection that can help you to get customers to interact with your store or your website. For example, if you launch a competition, you can post on social media the results and also announce special offers in store for those that can reply first. These types of events will also encourage your followers to tell others about your company, so they will start following you as well. You can also encourage your customers in the store to post pictures on your feeds with hashtags, and you can comment on the results.

Easy Payment Options

Customers don’t like waiting; they will often choose another company if it means they get a better and faster service. That means you need to streamline your ordering and payment services to make the whole process as painless as possible. For example, some restaurants are now trialing a payment option that lets customers pay via their app at the table. It eliminates the need to wait for the waiter to bring your bill, and it means you don’t have to leave the tip on the table. It is a great example of a store using online technology to make their customers experience easier and faster. It is also the type of experience that customers will love and be likely to tell others, this will attract new customers.

Pleasing your customers is one of the things that will grow your business the fastest. It will also give you a marketing tool that is hard to beat; word of mouth.