How Your New Self-Storage Facility Will Stand Above The Competition

How Your New Self-Storage Facility Will Stand Above The Competition

The self-storage industry is a popular one and whether you have a facility already or you are in the market to open one, there are some amenities that you need to consider helping you stand out above your competition. While this industry is booming, there are many options out there for consumers and you want your local customer to choose you over someone else, so how can you do that?

Below, we will look at some amenities that you need to consider adding to bring customers to your facility in droves.

Superior Security Measures

Anyone can say that they have security measures in place and anyone can hang a decoy camera up to make it look like there is security.

Safety is and should be one of your top priorities and this means that you need to make sure that your facility is well lit, especially at night. If you offer 24-7 access, then you want to make sure that your customers feel comfortable on your property whether it is 9:00 am, 9:00 pm, or 3:00 am.

One consideration you want to keep in mind is additional security measures for the units as well. For example, a keypad on the unit itself to add an additional lock can be lucrative to customers, especially those who want to keep their items as safe as possible.

Another consideration would be to have high-tech audio and video recording for units that allow customers to tap into them from afar as well. This way, your customer does not have to drive to the facility to peek at their unit and give them the peace of mind they are after.

Convenience Amenities

If you can create your storage facility from the ground up, consider some attention-grabbing amenities that will benefit your customers and consumers in the area. For example, what about a small deli shop or restaurant inside of the storage facility or located within the office section? This will help provide some convenience to your customers, especially on move in day and it will attract locals to come eat.

If a restaurant is not your thing, think about other amenities you can offer. For example, what about copy and mail services for your customers?

Target a Specific Niche

The need for climate-controlled units continues to rise and often, storage facilities have both, but not enough climate-controlled units. You can essentially focus on a specific niche and only offer climate-controlled units, which rent for more revenue per month.

Another thing to consider is what can you provide within the units to help your consumers as well. Think along the lines of wine storage, electronics storage, and so on.

Appeal to the Customer and You Will Have Business

The best way to stand out from the local storage business competition is to appeal to your customer. Think of amenities and services you can offer that other local facilities do not. The more you target consumers and meet their needs, the more customers you will have.