A Look at the Future of Emerging Technologies

A Look at the Future of Emerging Technologies

The three famous emerging technologies, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain kept on making the headlines without a stop in 2018. This is probably both because of their real-life use case scenarios but, also because of the impressive stories that come with them.

Considering that all three of them are rather new, and the fact that most new technologies are being developed and adopted in an S curve pattern, the big question is, are these three techs going to have a prosper future?

Generally, any technology that emerges on the market, and can make things faster, cheaper or better will, sooner or later, get adopted by the mainstream.


Out of the three technologies mentioned in the introduction of this article, Blockchain is the newest one. Even if concepts similar to the current cryptocurrencies, involving ideas such as decentralization, and open source code, were introduced to the world a while ago in the “cyberpunk” movement, blockchain as we know it only got born 10 years ago.

Many people are still unsure about how the future of the blockchain ecosystem will look like because it is so new but, considering how many use case scenarios it has, adoption will come, in one form or another.

One of these use case scenarios is gaming, and this is one of the first industries that started adopting blockchain technology. For years now, gambling and the blockchain have been working together so well because many of the principles that this tech can revolutionize online gambling forever.

Even if online gambling has been around for more than two decades now, this gaming niche required a bit of time to establish itself. More and more people are migrating from the land-based gambling to the online one, deciding to practice their gaming in casinos such as Gametwist Online and others but, it wasn’t always like that.

Decades ago, people were skeptical not only about online gambling but, about any technology that had anything to do with the online realm. But, now, because of the blockchain, and the new mentality that the people have about the online, all that skepticism can be easily removed, providing people with real data, on a decentralized, and unchangeable public ledger.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a hot topic in 2018 thanks to the large number of VR hardware setups, and VR games that got released in this period of time. When it comes to this tech, VR is not only good for a headline but, it also has plenty of use cases in the real world that could greatly impact our day-to-day life.

VR is already changing the gaming industry, more and more software, and implementation ideas are getting released every year, speeding up the mass adoption of this tech. We already have a large number of VR games, from puzzle games, to open world ones, and even to casino games.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The online gambling and casino entertainment industry could benefit immensely from better, and more realistic VR. Online gambling always tried to feel as authentic as possible, and now, for the first time in history, the online gambling experience has the potential to feel just as a land-based casino one.

The best part is that Virtual Reality still has a huge unexploited potential, leaving a lot of room to surprise and amaze us in the years to come. Another industry that could get revolutionized by VR is real estate.

Considering how much improvement 3D builders have experienced lately, and how much the speed at which people can create these worlds increased, we’re going to see VR getting adopted mainstream in the real estate industry sooner than we expect.

Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to AI, you may argue that this is not that much of an emerging technology but, an established one since it is used in many industries already. The truth is that most industries are only using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning basic principles within their algorithms but, not actual AI.

The real AI’s are only starting to get built now, even if people have been working for decades on these concepts and ideas. Considering that, the real AI robots such as Sophia are still emerging on the market.

AI already became pretty intelligent, and able to handle a large amount of the mundane tasks that humans have to handle nowadays, allowing us to have more free time.

People are eagerly waiting now to witness AI programs reaching a level closer to consciousness, and even if that is theoretically possible considering how fast technology is evolving, when, and how it will happen is still uncertain. But, once that will happen, we will start to see new industries being created and revolutionized.

These three technologies have the potential to radically change the way people live, and the way people think about work, and interactions with one another. Industries such as gaming and gambling have always been on the forefront when it came to new technologies but, as soon as other big industries will start adopting these, we will start seeing a lot more change and real-life implementation.

By now, the level of certainty is pretty strong when it comes to these emerging techs and their future but, all we can do is to wait and see what it is actually going to happen.