A Profitable 2019: Generating High-Quality Leads

A Profitable 2019: Generating High-Quality Leads

Lead generation must become a key focus for your business, if it isn’t already. After all, the greater your leads, the more chance for conversion, which can result in a bigger annual revenue.

If, however, users are failing to convert into customers, it is a sign you need to focus on attracting better quality leads to boost your profit margin. Here is a rundown on how to generate high-quality leads for your business in 2019.

Write High-Quality Guest Posts

Attract more customers by publishing high-quality guest posts on respectable, third-party publications. It will not only provide your business with an opportunity to share its expertise, but it could introduce your brand to a new audience.

As a result, they might want to find out more about your company and, as a result, buy your products or services. Plus, as you could earn a link pointing back to your website, you could potentially climb up the search engine rankings, which could help you to enjoy additional traffic and sales.

Master Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing tactics can help brands to naturally engage their target audience, as they are designed to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Some inbound marketing options not to be overlooked can include:

  • PPC
  • Landing page creation
  • Keyword research
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing

If you’re unsure on how to get started and want to hand the above tasks over to the experts, visit Angelfish-marketing.com to learn more about their inbound marketing services, plus more. Turning to experts in the field of digital marketing can be a cost-effective alternative.

Interview Influencers

Aligning your brand with influencers can promote your company’s credibility and could help you to generate new leads. It is worthwhile spending time reaching out to various influencers who are respected in your industry, which you could potentially interview on your blog or social media channels.

Keep the interview as simple as possible, asking them short, compelling questions that will engage your target audience. You also could ask an influencer to share your product and the interview on their blog/social profiles.

Launch a Podcast

A quarter of Americans reportedly listen to various podcasts at least once per month. A well-executed podcast could, therefore, help you to connect with your target audience, who are interested in your chosen topic. What’s more, it could improve your brand’s search rankings, build backlinks to your website and could help you to generate higher quality leads.

However, you’ll need to develop an engaging podcast name and format for every episode, and you’ll need to find the right podcast hosting to reach the right audience, such as Libsyn, Podbean, or SoundCloud.

Don’t Disregard Pinterest

Pinterest can be a simple yet powerful platform for developing higher quality leads. It is believed 70% of Pinterest users visit the social media network for inspiration on products they should buy – so it should not be overlooked when improving your brand’s lead generation.

If you can develop a strong presence on the social media platform, you will be able to quickly and easily promote your products to the network’s 176 million registered users.