The Advantages of an Online MBA

The Advantages of an Online MBA

When you’re working in the hospitality industry but want to get into upper management, the topic of a master’s in business administration often comes up in conversations with peers. It’s a re-commitment to education beyond what’s already been achieved with the intention of eventually become the hotel manager or reaching the directorship level within a hotel chain.

While on-campus MBA courses were once the norm, there are now degrees that can be taken online. In this article, we look at whether they’re beneficial and if they are, what benefits do they offer over a campus-based MBA course?


MBA courses taken at a college campus are extremely costly to provide. However, the educational establishment can utilize internal resources to provide online versions of previous lectures and study materials without incurring considerable extra costs.

As a result, the MBA courses that are 100% taught online are competitively priced compared to similar on-campus courses.

An investment in an MBA degree is not inconsiderable. Any downward adjustment to the usually high sticker price means it’s more accessible for people and the ROI on their education happens sooner too.

Flexible Schedule

Many online degree courses offer flexible schedules to study course materials when there’s time available to do so. This means presentations are provided online with video lectures viewable at the student’s convenience. The same goes for relevant coursework and other study materials too.

For busy employees, the added flexibility means they can choose to study early mornings before work, in the evening after work, on the weekends by cramming; or a mix of all of the above. Also, they have the option of taking a rare night off for some much-needed R&R or to have a dinner date with their partner.

No Extra Commutes

For people who already have a long commute to work every day, the idea of traveling to the college campus to study is an extra drain on their free time.Already tired from driving into work each day, every extra mile takes a mental toll. Also, getting home late at night isn’t much fun either after a long day. Students can put the avoided driving time into their studies instead.

World-class Faculty Providing Mentorship

The excellent faculty of mentors at the college or university is often the same whether studying on-campus or online. Many colleges run both on-campus and online versions of their MBA courses now because it’s become so popular.

So, online MBA students benefit in the same way from access to mentors that their on-campus brethren do. For students that worry about that side of things, that’s good to hear.

Time for Completion

Given that many degrees courses are based on building up enough credits to achieve the qualification, the more time invested into the course, the sooner a student might be able to qualify.

Some colleges provide this option for committed students who feel they can complete the course in less time and more their career forward sooner.

Being able to study for an MBA online is revolutionary. It’s no longer necessary to weigh up the value of the added qualification vs the lost income when taking time off to study on-campus. People already with a busy career can fit their studies around their lifestyle, which is a considerable advantage over how these courses were taken even just a decade ago.