How to Make Your Office More Comfortable

How to Make Your Office More Comfortable

The environment of a business office plays a role in how people engage with the company and how well your employees work. Most people spend more of their waking hours in the office than they do at home. The more comfortable you can make that environment, the happier and more productive your people will be. The good news is that it doesn’t take much work to make your office more comfortable. Here’s how.Cut the Clutter

Start by keeping it clean and reducing distractions, suggests Entrepreneur. If you have too much clutter, it can make the space feel smaller and less comfortable for employees and clients alike. Do your best to keep desks clean and surfaces clear. Remember the walls and floors, too. Keeping those areas clear will help your space look more professional. Also, pay attention to the actual cleanliness of the space. Empty wastebaskets, a vacuumed floor and clean bathrooms can go a long way toward making a comfortable space.

Add Aesthetics

Think about aesthetics as well. When you choose colors, furnishings and décor that is appealing to the eye, it helps the people in your office feel more relaxed and focused. If your decorations are too plain, your space could look too institutional. Some people are simply not as productive in cold, impersonal spaces.

Remember Personality

Keep in mind that you need to strike a balance when decorating. Too many homey touches could make your space look less professional. Clients may see your company as too relaxed, and employees may start to daydream instead of doing their best work. A good rule of thumb is to avoid displaying too many personal touches, but instead, display your personality through pops of color, tasteful lighting and expressive art.

Be Comfortable

The more comfortable you can make your space, the better, says Inc. Magazine. Pay attention to lighting, noise and temperature. A disconnect between your preferences and the settings in your office will kill productivity every time, so pay attention to your comfort level as well as that of your employees and make adjustments accordingly. For instance, if half of your team is always cold and the other half is always hot, adjust your seating accordingly and keep meeting areas as neutral as possible.

Remember other types of physical comfort as well. Having good snacks in the break room or on the conference table is a good start. Also, start providing comfortable chairs for employee desks. A study from Steelcase found that people who use ergonomic chairs are almost 18 percent as productive as those who don’t have comfortable chairs. Breakout spaces are important as well. These lounge-like communal areas give your employees a seating option that is outside of their desks or cubicles. They are good for collaboration and impromptu meetings.

Safety Counts

Finally, remember safety. Having a camera system in place keeps everyone safe. The right security camera system can help your employees feel more comfortable as they go about their days. This extra layer of security can help your staff feel safer walking to their cars after work and make it easier for your employees to stay late.

Make your office more comfortable and improve your productivity across the board. Start by cutting the clutter and keeping your space clean. Next, add aesthetics and personality into the mix, but keep it professional. Finally, focus on employee comfort and safety. These little changes can add up to big improvements in productivity.