How Does Bootcamp Work for Coders? Everything You Need to Know

How Does Bootcamp Work for Coders? Everything You Need to Know

Did you just sign up for your coding bootcamp?

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in a stable career that can provide you a great lifestyle.

Coding bootcamps are popular for a reason. Statistics show that 74% of people who graduate from a bootcamp will be employed full-time afterward.

The question is, how does bootcamp work?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about coding bootcamps.

So How Does Bootcamp Work?

If you think you’re going to be heading to a traditional class environment, you’re in for a surprise.

Sure, you have lectures. But they make up a small amount of the learning you’ll be doing. Here are a few things you can expect.

Hands-On Learning

Much of traditional learning involves sitting in a classroom, taking notes, and testing your knowledge with exams.

A bootcamp will switch things up a bit. Expect to get a lot of hands-on experience with programming languages during your learning experience.

Theory vs. Practical Work

If you’ve looked at a traditional computer science program, you’ve probably noticed that it involves a lot of theory. You learn the ins and outs on a deep level.

A bootcamp focuses on the practical. You spend your time working on real applications and learning the programming languages that make them.

Current Languages

One of the common complaints about university programs for programming is the use of older languages. What you learn during your courses often isn’t what you use when you get your first job.

You’re mostly learning from the ground up once you start working.

A coding bootcamp will give you first-hand experience with the technology that you will use in practice. This experience can be transitioned into your new job and makes you a more attractive hire.

Long Hours

You won’t be keeping a regular school schedule when you’re doing coursework. You’ll be spending much of the day learning.

A bootcamp uses a no-holds-barred approach to learning. Instead of taking things slowly, you get completely immersed in programming.

Expect to spend much of your day at lectures and working on projects.


If you think you can be a lone programmer at a company and get away with it, you’ll be wrong most of the time.

Programming is a team effort. It takes a lot of people to make great software.

Most code academy programs will require you to work with other students in the program. This will give you first-hand experience of working with others, and how to best do it.

You’ll learn how to work with people who are below and above your abilities.

Make Sure Your Ready For Your Bootcamp

Now you can answer the question, “how does bootcamp work?”

But knowing this doesn’t mean coding bootcamp will be easy. The chances are, it will be some of the most intense weeks of your life. You’re learning a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time.

Make sure to prepare so you can make the most of the experience.

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