How To Dress for Your First Day Of Work

How to Dress for Your First Day of Work

Tom Ford once said that “dressing well is synonymous with good education.” This maxim is truer than ever the first day in a new job. First impressions will be formed when you set foot in your new office on that first day. And if there is something that will make a difference on that occasion – in addition to an impeccable haircut, a nice smile or a perfect handshake – it is the look you have chosen.

So here are some tips to give you a better insight into what you should wear on your first day at work based on the kind of job you do.

If You Work in A Start-Up

It depends a lot on whether the start-up is yours or someone else’s. In the second case, a pair of wide chinos, a pair of Converse, an oxford shirt and a cotton knitted sweater will be perfect. In the first case, you can go in tracksuit.

If You Work in A Very Reputable Fashion and Lifestyle Communication Medium

From my personal experience, I recommend betting on the simple. As a fervent defender of navy blue and tight-fitting clothes, I would opt for a striped shirt (collar or no collar, you decide), a pair of charcoal pants (tight, with a hem and a single clip) and a cashmere sweater Navy blue. A pair of desert boots (preferably Prada), socks a tone down or above the gray of your pants and blue blazer of a fabric that contrasts with the stripes of the shirt. The set works like a charm.

The key is to make sure that the blue tones are complementary: As there is a lot of yellow in one and too much red in another, you run the risk of ruining everything. It is important that you check the final result with natural light before leaving home. And don’t forget to complement your look with a nice wristwatch. There are many tactical watches that can do the trick.

If You Work for A Financial Giant or Law Firm (Junior Category)

For your first day in a serious position in the area of ​​finance, legal or political, especially if you are representing the company in the face of customers and suppliers, you must wear a neat cut suit, a very well ironed shirt, and tie knotted perfectly. No matter which level of the company you join – junior/senior analyst, intern, or lawyer – you must dress appropriately.

For those with a smaller budget, I would recommend you visit a big fashion chain, where you can buy an affordable dark-colored suit that a tailor can alter for the perfect fit. Combine your suit with a white cotton shirt (without buttons on the neck or “muscle fit”) and a tie in a slightly lighter shade than that of the suit. The simpler your outfit is, the more elegant you will appear.

If You Work for A Financial Giant or Law Firm (Senior Category)

If you have more money to spend, invest in a bespoke suit tailored to your needs. Wear it with a white-collar shirt.  Or opt for a crisp white shirt (leave the color and print for when you’ve established yourself), a pair of dark brown pants, beautifully polished brogues and a pair of perfectly round tortoiseshell frames. Classic.

If You Work Outdoors

This is very open, but the key to working outdoors is to be prepared. The first thing to remember is to wear clothing that is designed to work, and not opting for those that only look like it. A pair of Redwing or Timberland boots will last you a lifetime if you take proper care of them.