How to Build Your Business Reputation: Your Complete Guide

How to Build Your Business Reputation: Your Complete Guide

63.6% of consumers check reviews on Google before visiting a business and purchasing their services or products. One bad review can turn your business’ reputation in the south direction quite fast.

Unfortunately, this means that your business reputation is easily damaged, and frankly, this can impact your bottom line.

Reputation Management

So, are you looking to improve the reputation of your business?

Building a good business and a good brand is one thing, but building a good business reputation stems from somewhere else. Building a positive business reputation is about living up to your brand values and prioritizing your customer and supplier relationships.

You need to focus on leveraging positive experiences that anybody who comes into contact with your business may have. Here’s how you do that.

Be a Social Butterfly 

We’re not talking about hitting all the parties; we’re talking about staying on top of your social media presence and messaging. In order to change the perception of your business, you need to know what people are saying about your business.

Social media is how you’re going to achieve that. Social media gives you multiple platforms and opportunities to talk to and communicate with your customers, potential customers, and straight-up fans.

Manage Your Review Sites 

Having a presence on Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor is great but to manage your business reputation you need to manage your presence on these review sites.

Read through the reviews that your business has received, both good and bad, and see if you can find consistency. The consistency you find will give you valuable insights into your reputation management strategy, and the way in which you need to tailor your communication to change your brand’s perception.

Make sure though, that you have a large focus on responding to negative reviews, not only is it great for Brand and Reputation Management, but it’s a great opportunity to impress the masses. If your business treats a complaint as fairly as it does a good review, you’re halfway to owning your reputation entirely.

Get Involved with the Community 

Being involved with your community on any level is a surefire way to manage and show your business reputation in a positive light. Align your strategy of getting involved in the community with your business’ goals and values.

Not only does corporate social responsibility make your company more visible to the neighborhood, but it’s a very important factor to consumers who are searching for an organization to do business with. In 2019, consumers and potential customers are impressed by a business’ ability to get involved and address social issues that mean something to them.

Business Reputation Management Is a Journey 

The key to truly creating a positive business reputation is consistency. You need to remain consistent throughout the entire journey, keep your message the same across all platforms, treat all customers and prospective customers the same whether they’re engaging with you online or walking through your door.

Consistency is key.