Monetize Your Spare Time:
9 High Paying Part-Time Jobs

Are you feeling like you need to find a new job? Maybe you are sick of working day and night and need to find something new. Maybe you want to add a part-time job to make a little extra money.

There is no reason to resort to a fast-food job or a minimum wage job. There are plenty of part-time job opportunities to pursue that pays pretty well too. Some require some specialized skills or training. But finding a high paying part-time job can be a real coup if you already possess those skills.

Consider these high paying part-time jobs. One might be the right fit for you.

1. Web Developer

Do you have some computer skills already in place? Every business in today’s world needs to have a web presence.

While you need some training, usually an associates degree, web developers can make over $30 per hour.

A web developer could work from home and have flexible hours. They would write the code for web pages as well as set up the overall design. Once a developer has created the page, they can also work as a manager of pages.

2. Customer Service Representative

There are so many companies that have customer service departments. They need the agents to interact with their customers, whether that is by phone or online.

This job is not for the faint of heart. Often a customer calling into an agent might be unhappy or disgruntled about something. If you are patient and like to interact with people, it could be a good fit.

Further, customer service agents can either work from home or at service centers of the company. Many companies require agents 24 hours a day which offers flexibility in work hours too.

3. Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Are you a people person? One of the keys to being a successful real estate agent is your ability to connect with potential clients, homebuyers and sellers.

While some full-time agents may say otherwise, working as a part-time agent is a great way to make some money.

Most part-time agents work around 20 hours per week. This many working hours give them the office time needed to connect with clients and help them through the buying or selling process.

Follow this link to learn more about becoming a part-time real estate agent.

4. Tutor

We can all remember a time when we needed help with our homework. In today’s education world, standards and demands on students are greater than ever before. Many families hire tutors to help students navigate their school work.

Are you skilled in math, English or writing? Offering tutoring services is a great way to have a part-time job and make good money too. Tutors can charge up to $30 or more per hour.

One nice feature of tutoring is the ability to set your own hours. Tutors can work from their home with students coming to them. They can also meet with the clients in the library or local coffee shop.

5. Nanny

Do you like kids? So many busy moms need extra help in today’s high-pressure world. A working mom might need a nanny to help part-time with those after school hours.

Sometimes moms need a nanny because they can’t be all the places they need to be at one time. Some might think that being a nanny means you need to do it full time.

Actually many families find they need help for after school hours or to free up the parents for a few days of the week. If you are a mom who has kids in school, you could nanny for someone during that time.

6. Accountant

Being an accountant does require some specialized skills. But if you have those skills, you could put them to good use too. Often businesses will need an accountant to help with their books part-time.

During tax season, accountants can pick up extra work doing taxes for others. Many accounting offices that offer tax services will hire additional help during tax season.

Part-time accountants can also work from home and make their own flexible hours to work around the other demands of their lives.

7. Waiter/Waitress/Bartender

This is a great job to do part-time. Workers in the service industry get paid low hourly rates. But they can make good money from tips.

Don’t want to work nights? Consider a busy family restaurant during the breakfast shift. A waitress that serves multiple tables every hour and has a fast turn around can bring in decent wages in tip money.

Consider serving in a high-end restaurant or bar. Remember, tips are typically based on a percentage of the bill. If there is a large bill, that tip percentage can add up quickly.

8. Mail Carrier Or Package Delivery

In today’s online world, package delivery is a big deal. Shipping companies often hire part-time seasonal help to get through busy times of the year.

Most mail carriers only work part-time hours to get their deliveries done. They make between $15 to $25 an hour.

An advantage to this part-time job is the hours. Mail carriers and delivery people work during the day and typically Monday through Friday. If you are looking for part-time while the kids are in school, this might be a good fit for you.

9. Freelance Writer

Do you have a curious mind and the ability to write about any number of topics under the sun? Freelance writing is a great part-time job for those who like to research, learn and share their knowledge.

While the writers of the world would tell you, writing is not a big money-making job. But as a freelance writer, the money you make is directly connected to the volume of writing you produce.

Most freelance writers work for by companies that hire them to write for other clients. Some freelance writers work for businesses creating web content for the online pages.

Freelance writers can also do editing work for authors who need another set of eyes to critique their work. Students often hire freelance writers to read and edit big writing assignments.

Find a High Paying Part-Time Job Just Right For You

Finding a part-time job that offers good pay and flexible schedules can be a real coup. But those jobs do exist. Think about what skills you have and align those with one of these high paying part-time jobs.