Health and Safety Tips for a
Better Work Environment

Do you know why workplace health and safety is important? Even if your company has safety guidelines in place, are people abiding by the rules?

Workplace hazards impact the wellbeing of employers and employees alike. No one wants to put their life at risk because of work, so why not learn how to keep injuries and accidents at bay? Even your workplace productivity will benefit from this.

Follow Instructions And Know The Risks

In 2016, workplace hazards caused 5,190 deaths. These types of events should be prevented from happening in the future, and a lot of it boils down to knowing the risks and following appropriate instructions and protocol.

The protocol depends on the type of job you are employed in! Whether you are operating machinery, working from heights, dealing with electrical hazards or something else, you should always wear the appropriate equipment and be wary of your surroundings.

‘Many employees in any workplace will be so-called ‘digital natives’’, says David Rowland, the head of marketing Engage EHS. ‘Therefore, your workplace strategies should reflect this’. As such, health and safety software could be the ideal choice for administering your health and safety needs, as it will resonate more with a large number of your employees.

Take Breaks And Don’t Rush

You are only human, and you can’t focus on the same task for countless hours on end without a break. If you exhaust yourself, you are also more likely to make mistakes, and this is where accidents can happen.

Treat Everyone Fairly

Problems with health and safety can also manifest itself in the form of verbal abuse. If you or someone you know does not feel safe at work due to another colleague, then the issue needs to be raised with HR as soon as possible.

No one should feel uncomfortable or unsafe while at work.

Keep Everything Clean & Organized 

Workplace cleanliness should be prioritized at all times. There shouldn’t be any spills or items left on the floor where people can trip and injure themselves. This not only applies to the kitchen area, either.

Practice Good Hygiene

Soap and sanitation wipes should always be available at any workplace, as this will reduce the risk of people spreading contagious illnesses.

Reduce Stress

High degrees of stress can eventually lead to problems concentrating. When left unattended, it can develop into anxiety or depression, and you can’t escape this feeling even if you are no longer at work.

If you feel like there has been too put pressure put on you at work, it’s important that you speak to your managers or supervisors about it.

Don’t wait until something bad happens to take precautionary measures. Your happiness and wellbeing at work requires you to avoid hazards, injuries and accidents. It is both the employer and employee’s job to make sure the company adheres to safety standards.

Know Your Rights

Getting your life back on track often requires expert assistance.  If the company you are working for was negligent in causing your injury, you need to receive appropriate compensation for what happened. You need to know your rights and protect them. It’s important that you acquire assistance from professionals at a knowledgeable law firm.