11 Green Practices Which Can Have a Huge Impact on Our Planet

11 Green Practices Which Can Have a Huge Impact on Our Planet

Did you know that in the United States, each person produces around 5 pounds of trash every day?

Many people don’t realize that the small things they do daily add up and are slowly killing our planet. Instead of continuing to contribute to the problem, you can easily make changes to your life to help life continue around you.

Continue reading to discover some of the best green practices you can try and why it is so important to take measures to help our planet.

Green Practices to Try for a Better Planet 

It is no surprise that planet Earth has been struggling to maintain its beautiful wonders when there is an abundance of trash and buildup everywhere you turn.

Although it may seem like people have lost hope, there are many groups and volunteers that are taking steps every day, to help make this world a better place in the future.

Going green can greatly benefit our health, not only does is reduce exposure to chemicals, because items are natural, is also gives us cleaner air to breathe in. Carbon emissions can go down and help ensure that your kids and their families will have a comfortable place to live in.

Climate change is greatly affected by Earth’s residents, so it is important that we take as many measures as possible to reduce polar caps from melting, sea levels from rising, and ozone degradation.

The following ideas are easy green practices that you can start utilizing today, to play your role in making this planet a better place to live on.

1. Save on Gas 

This is one of the best tips for going green, as it not only benefits our planet but also your wallet and health.

Carpooling, biking, and walking are all great ways that you can reduce gas usage in your life. Carpooling can easily be done if you live close to someone you work with, swapping driving days can make it fair for each person and save much gas.

Biking and walking are excellent ways of going green and they also have a positive impact on your health.

Cities are adding more and more biking and walking sections on the streets for simply travel and convenience, making this option easier than ever!

2. Skip The Bottle 

Water bottles are extremely convenient and preferred by many people, but they are actually damaging our planet.

Getting a reusable water bottle or drinking from the tap can help save the Earth from more plastic piling up. Plastic takes a long time to fully degrade and is contaminating our oceans and land.

Using your own reusable bottles can also help you save money, as bottled water can be expensive over time. Helping to eliminate plastic waste is one of the most important parts of going green.

3. Make Your Own Products

Products that are mass-produced typically produce more toxins, chemicals, and waste. Creating your own products with natural sources can benefit our planet from getting worse.

Cleaning products are often bad for the environment and can become extremely expensive. Creating your own combinations of cleaning products can help keep your home clean without damaging the environment.

Some people even avoid purchasing dog food and treats from the stores because they aren’t as natural. A natural alternative to use could be CBD dog and cat treats, both and you and your furry pet will benefit from less exposure to toxins.

4. Ponder Before Purchasing

Simply making smart and informed decisions when shopping can be a great way to participate in going green.

Buying in bulk can help the environment because less packaging is required, plus it also saves you some cash. Going to resale shops can also help the planet because they won’t just end up in the landfill.

For certain items, you may be able to rent them. Renting books or products can not only save you money but also reduce waste.

New books take a lot of ink (which isn’t good for the environment) and other products being made may contribute to accumulating chemicals and toxins in the air. Sharing and making smart decisions can help our planet use what we already have and not waste the rest.

5. Properly Get Rid of Electronics 

Although updates and improvements are constantly being made on electronics, they still damage the environment.

Mercury, toxins, and chemicals can be found within electronics and batteries, and without properly recycling them, they can contaminate water and the ground.

Many stores and companies offer areas to conveniently recycle these products, and it is highly recommended to do so. Properly getting rid of old phones and TVs is important as well, with large quantities of waste, they become highly hazardous.

6. Support Local Farmers

Supporting your local farmers and getting produce from their gardens can be a great way to help the environment and eat good food.

Companies that grow large quantities of produce often add pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to meet consumer demand. Farmers typically use fewer chemicals and change products to grow to help the soil thrive.

Opting for organic options is an easy way to help as well. If you do not have a local farm to go to, buying organic ensures that chemicals and hormones were not added during the growing period.

7. Store Products in a Productive Way 

Using reusable water bottles reduces waste for the planet and helps the environment greatly.

If you are wanting to help the planet, even more, you can purchase biodegradable products. It is best to choose paper over plastic when shopping or to even bring your own bags to the market.

Using these options can reduce unnecessary waste that quickly builds up over time.

If you just can’t seem to get away from the plastic bags, you can use them for various things instead of just tossing them in the garbage when you finish unpacking. You can use these bags for storage, crafts, and organization.

8. Recycle Your Waste

Recycling may seem like an obvious way to practice going green and that is because it is one of the best ways.

Separating your waste and sending whatever you can to recycling centers can reduce waste found in landfills. Not only that, but it also gives the chance to be used again.

Some of the most common items that you should recycle are paper products, plastic, metals, glass, and styrofoam. Cleaning off the products and setting them aside from normal garbage can go a long way.

9. Save on Energy 

Electric bills can become costly but did you know that getting more control over the power you use can benefit the environment?

Turning off appliances when you aren’t home or not using them can reduce energy waste. Opting for energy-efficient light bulbs can also help save your bank account and the planet.

Energy-efficient light bulbs produce more light, last longer, and require significantly less energy. Adjusting your AC unit and heat in the household can also save you money and energy, helping make the world a better place.

10. Support Green Companies

Supporting your favorite eco-friendly company is a great way to help out our planet.

Often times, the money that they make goes towards efforts to cleaning up and finding innovative ways to help save planet Earth. Many eco-friendly companies also utilize biodegradable products, such as paper, cups, utensils, and even furniture.

There are many companies that also make their business model based around going green, the majority of them probably communicate and work through technology, rather than paper.

11. Get a Green Thumb 

Gardening is an excellent way to contribute to making this planet a better place to live on, not only now but in the future as well.

If you have your own garden, you can get access to your own foods that aren’t exposed to chemicals and the plants also help clean the air. One of the other advantages is that you can put spoiled foods or eggshells into the garden to help fertilize the area.

Having your own garden can help reduce waste from grocery bags and save the ozone from driving your gas guzzler to and from the store.

Stay Clean and Go Green

Going green not only affects you but each person on this planet.

One person’s contributions may not seem like enough, but if enough people join efforts to clean up the world, we can continue living on it for a long time. Engaging in green practices can be easy and make a large impact on helping Earth.