Cool Side Jobs For Extra Cash

Cool Side Jobs For Extra Cash

With the current economic status, it seems the job market is running on a dry spell. Even if your current job is paying you well or not, you still need to have another source of income.

Ask yourself, what happens if you suddenly lose your job and you can no longer go to work, how long will you survive without actively working? We all need that extra cash either for paying bills, going on vacation, or paying off debts.

With side jobs, you are your own boss so you can do things the way you want. You will have the ability to come up with your own schedule based on how you want to boost your earnings and also acquire some new skills.

Rideshare/Delivery Driver

This is one of the most convenient ways of making side income. If you know your way around town and you have access to a reliable vehicle with a driver’s license, then this is a good opportunity for you. You can work with ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft or as well deliver packages for companies like Amazon.

Most package delivery companies are in need of delivery drivers and driver assistants for both full time and part-time placements. All you need to do is visit the company’s business site for all the necessary information on driving, shipment, and also distribution assistant work in your area and conveniently apply online with the required information.

As of 2019, the average salary for Uber, Lyft and delivery drivers according to Glassdoor in the United States is estimated at $42,959.

Household Helper/Personal Assistant

More and more people are increasingly in need of household helpers and personal assistants to keep their home at its best. If you are good at cleaning and organizing or repairing and fixing stuff around the house then this is the right side gig for you.

There are lots of companies you can work with, but you can also find work online. If you have some paid experiences in cleaning or handyman services, you have the opportunity to find jobs near you.

You can use Handy or Amazon Professional Services, but if you are still a newbie and you are good at your work, there are some cool sites like TaskRabbit where you can offer your services and get paid.

Just visit the site and complete the simple online registration. You can then use their app to find which job suits your interest.

It all depends on the company/agency you work for and the number of hours you put in. According to Indeed, the general Helper Salaries in the United States is estimated at $15.93/hour.


With budget-friendly digital cameras flooding the market, if you know your way around the camera and you are able to produce good quality images, then you can start making some side income with freelance photography.

With freelance photography, you can set your own prices and establish some solid business relationships. You just need to establish a solid portfolio and continue learning new skills.

Working as a wedding photographer is also an excellent source of income. You can market your photographs to exclusive enthusiasts, media firms, or digital agencies like Shutterstock and Getty.


If you are good at generating interesting content that can satisfy a wide range of audiences, then you can make an income with blogging.

Some professional blog owners like Yaro Starak or Darren Rowse make a full-time living with blogging. This can be a very interesting yet lucrative activity if you know exactly how to exploit it correctly. You can easily start off with WordPress and use some plugins and themes to generate traffic.

The first trick is to create a blog niche which isn’t too competitive. After acquiring some reasonable traffic, your next step is to figure out how to monetize your blog site.

One popular means is using affiliate marketing customized to your readers’ tastes; for example, if you own fashion and lifestyle blog, you can sign up with some fashion brands affiliate programs and include their ads in your posts. There are numerous ways of making money with your blog, so be creative!


With the rapid increase in globalization, being fluent in a second language can provide you with an opportunity for employment in numerous different settings.

Making money online as a translator is becoming one of the fastest-growing careers in our modern society as the demand for translators who are capable of converting writing into other specific language keep growing.

Most worldwide businesses utilize the services of a third-party agency to translate documents, transcripts, and other relevant materials. If you are fluent in any other language, you can work with some of these agencies, especially German, Arabic, French or Spanish as these are languages in high demand .

Translators in a highly demanded language can earn at least $51,629/year.

Affiliate Marketer

Many people who search for side gigs may have heard of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simple, it allows someone to make money by advertising a favorite product or service. The company will then pay you from the revenue.

Take for example, affiliate marketers working for online casinos. These affiliates will drive referral traffic to the websites by placing banners and links on their websites to attract the attention of visitors.

Affiliates will be rewarded either through revenue share, CPA (Cost Per Action), or Mixed Models. is an excellent example of an online casino that uses affiliate marketing.

Freelance Gigs

Freelancing is a great way to earn money on a flexible schedule. This is a highly competitive field, but if you put in some efforts to building a solid portfolio, you have an immediate edge on the competition. You can either be a part-time or full-time freelancer depending on your schedule.

The good thing with freelancing is you can use your hobby to make money, anything you are fairly good at, whether singing, writing or anything.

You do not need any expert knowledge and there is a wide range of services you can offer. There are a couple of freelancing sites you can work with; Fiverr and Upwork are the most popular.

Your earning possibilities depend on your efforts and number of working hours. Typically freelancers can make a great living from freelancing.


Have you thought about making some extra cash as a tutor?

You don’t necessarily need to have an advanced college degree to become a tutor. Nowadays, university students are employed to tutor elementary and secondary school students or as peer tutors,

For older candidates, a bachelor’s degree in any discipline can aid you to make some side income after school, and during your weekends.

You may also want to consider working as a private tutor. As a home tutor, you can make good money.

Just ask around and see if you can find some part-time jobs in any primary, grade schools, or high schools. You can also consider using a virtual environment to deliver your lectures through online tutoring using sites like or

Any of the above jobs are a great place to start and most of them require no skills or experience. So, get what you suit your needs, and start making some extra cash.