Stay on Task! 7 Productivity Tips for Working Remotely From Home

Stay on Task! 7 Productivity Tips
for Working Remotely From Home

The freelance workforce has accelerated in the last 10 years, making tips for working remotely more valuable today than perhaps at any time in telecommuting history. Chained to an office?

It may seem like these work-from-homers have it made. But when there’s no one there to monitor you at all times, it can be difficult finding the proper motivation to stay on task.

In the following article, we’ll be discussing the must-have tips you’ll need if moving from the regular office to the home office. Let’s get started!

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Get Up Early

Getting up early allows you to set the ground rules for your day. You can use that time for meditation, task-planning, household chores, or anything that needs to get done.

Save a Space

Another important thing to do if you work from home is to find a space in your home right away that is strictly for work. A dedicated room or the dining room table are two of our favorites.

Just make sure you can work there with zero distractions. And inform the family to leave you alone when you’re working in that capacity.

Consider posting a sign on the door with your working hours. Talk to them about only interrupting you for absolute emergencies. By emphasizing what a big deal it is, you’ll have their support and that makes it easier to stick to your guns.

Keep Regular Hours

Another essential of this WFH guide is to keep regular hours. See, remote work is still Work.

In fact, it comes with an even higher degree of responsibility because it’s up to you to get busy getting busy. You have to keep regular hours to stay productive.

The good news is that you have some flexibility on when those regular hours are. Eight in the morning until 5 p.m. is still a good call, however, because it allows you to be available to clients or fellow employees when needed.

You also may want to adjust this schedule depending on where your primary client or employer is. For example, say you’re in the Pacific Time Zone but your client is in New York. A 5 a.m.-2 p.m. day might work best.

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Change the Venue

Sometimes staying productive at home means getting away from it. Most of the veterans on how to work remotely will tell you to hit up a coffee shop or a library.

Those are good suggestions, but you don’t have to get away from your house just to work. Consider stepping away for a workout, midday shopping session, errands, or anything else that will allow you to break up the monotony of a 9-hour workday.

Treat Closing Time Like Closing Time

There are many benefits of remote work, but one drawback is that you are naturally inclined to take it home with you. To beat this, treat the end-of-day like the end-of-day.

Don’t answer calls or emails unless they’re absolute emergencies. Occupy your time with family, friends, or personal projects.

Clean Up

Before doing that, however, you’ll want to tidy up your home office. After all, you’ve got to come right back to it the next day. Clutter impedes progress!

Set Yourself Up for the Next Day

Have some type of closing ritual that you do to get ready for the next day. It could be building a to-do list, searching for more work from home jobs for your marketing pipeline, or simply clearing out your emails one last time.

These Tips for Working Remotely Will Keep You Productive

We hope these tips for working remotely will resonate and keep you on task. Before you leave, make sure you check out the latest business news right here on our site.