New Dating App Bringing People Together Thru Music

New Dating App Bringing People Together Thru Music

Ask most people what they are passionate about and one of the first things they mention is their favorite music.

What if you could date someone who enjoys the same music you do?   What if you could share music with that person and get to know them?  With Tambr you can share music by sending songs or playlists to each other.  You can share your passions with other music lovers – and express your music personality with up to 5 Anthem songs.

Dating with a Focus

Tambr, is the latest dating app to enter the growing dating market.  Tambr’s focus?  Young single Millennials who love music.  The Tambr algorithms focus heavily on bringing people together who love the same music, but the algorithms also surface people’s passions beyond music such as dogs or drones, fishing or fine dining, painting or photography. Tambr is the only dating app that surfaces local concerts based on your listening habits and suggests which of your matches you should invite.

Does my date need to use the same music streaming service?

No. Tambr has created a borderless technology that enables users to match across music services; play each other’s music, share songs or playlists, download songs or playlists from other users all while maintaining the digital rights of their own streaming music service.  Tambr incorporates streaming capabilities and algorithms to match people based on what they love and how they live their lives.

What about Instagram or Strava?

Instagram has become a very popular way to share your life story.  Tambr integrates directly with Instagram so users can keep their dating profile fresh, automatically displaying their latest photos or videos. And Strava has become a very popular way to share your athletic life story.  Athletes tend to date athletes, and they tend to love concerts and music festivals.

Look & Listen. Like & Match.  Find a Local Concert.  Get a Date.

Tambr is easy to use – just tap through your people feed to discover new people, listen to their music and explore your shared passions. Like or SuperLike anyone and if they like you back – it’s a match. Tambr prioritizes the people they show you based on your common music interests, and your shared passions. Once matched, use the ‘Get a Date’ feature to invite your match to a local concert.