A Look At Top Career Options for Those Wanting a New Position

A Look At Top Career Options for Those Wanting a New Position

After being screamed at by a customer for the fifth time today, you’ve decided that maybe a career in customer service isn’t for you. You like the people you work with and your boss is alright, but the work is overly stressful, and it doesn’t feel rewarding. There’s also not a lot of room for advancement.

It sounds like you need a career change. Lucky for you, the customer service skills you’ve obtained at this job will transfer well to a lot of different career options.

Don’t believe us? Here are a few jobs that are a perfect fit for employees who want to change their position.

Project Coordinator

As a project coordinator, you’ll be doing more administrative tasks than anything else. You’ll get gather a bunch of helpful skills that are universal to a lot of different careers paths.

If you keep at it, you could try and step up to a higher project coordinator position. You could also use your new skill set to jump into a different career pool entirely in a few years. The choice is yours.

If this sounds like something that you want to go for, you’ll need to be organized, adaptable, have good communication skills, and be responsive.

Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you’ll be clocking in a lot of hours in the work time tracking software which means you’ll be making quite a bit of money. It’s also a new position with a ton of other career options branching off of it.

From data scientist, you could go to data engineer, data visualization, data research, about anything with data in the name. Whatever you do, there is a lot of room for success if you get into it now.

If you don’t have any data skills yet, don’t fret about going back to school. There are a lot of classes and workshops that you can take to learn a little more about what it’s all about.


Chances are at some point in life you got some sort of sales experience. About anyone can succeed in sales as long as you have people skills. You can use a lot of skills that you’ve gathered in life to branch where ever you want in sales.

For example, you could go from running a register in a retail chain to working in a bank, to becoming a financial advisor. You could go from manning that register to getting a desk job at a car place. You’ve got options.

Social Media Manager

Do you enjoy posting and scrolling through social media? Then this is the job for you. Many companies need a social media influencer to bring views to their pages and build their brand.

The first thing you need to do is work on your own social media page so companies can see you know what you’re doing. After that, you can volunteer to do the social media pages for non-profit organizations.

It’s all up from there. It’s pretty easy to advance in this career field once you get started but as you can see, you won’t be pulling in the big bucks overnight.


You’ll find a lot of opportunity for growth and career-changing in the tech field. There are a lot of different fields that you can go into as a developer and you may not even need a degree to do it.

Some companies are taking that requirement off the list. So take your time to select a career that you think you can do and then follow the linear path upward like you would in a game of The Sims.


In the case of most careers, you need at least a little bit of experience to build your resume. Doing a couple of fundraisers for non-profits can help you gather a skill set that you can use to bounce into another promising career.

Of course, these organizations need workers to convince people to sign up and help. You could also go down this path if you have any experience in sales or marketing.

Of course, the most important part of fundraising is to be passionate about the cause. No matter what skills you have if you can’t convince the interviewer that you believe in what they are doing, you won’t get very far.


Are you good at creating a connection with other people? Do you tend to take the initiative in life? Then you should try being a recruiter.

There are tons of different areas that you can specialize in so chances are, you’ll be able to find a place for yourself and move up. If not, perhaps you could reach out to one of the connections you make to find a new career path.


With a teacher shortage going on, it’s pretty easy to jump to teaching from about any other career if you have the drive and experience. If you’re worried about having a degree in teaching don’t be. Many private schools don’t have to abide by pesky certifications so as long as you’re a fit for the position then you’re fine.

You also don’t have to specialize in one of the core subjects to get started. It’s not that restrictive. You could get hired as a softball coach if you played softball in college for example.

Great Career Options If You Want to Change Your Job

Are you ready to change careers or find a job that will allow you to advance at the very least? As you can see, you’ve got tons of great career options to get started on.

So, what are you waiting for? Start applying and get yourself into a career that you’ll love.