5 Tips for Training Social Media Marketers

5 Tips for Training Social Media Marketers 

When implemented correctly, a social media campaign can enhance a company’s reputation and generate a large number of quality leads. And while every business strives to use social media to connect with consumers effectively, the reality is that plenty of companies fall well short of this goal. Indeed, social media marketers make mistakes like everyone else. The difference, unfortunately, is that public relations mistakes made on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are more high profile (and damaging) than mistakes made internally. With that in mind, today we’re going to share five tips that business leaders can use to train social media marketers.

Use Real-World Examples

Businesses have been making tone-deaf and insensitive posts on social media platforms since their inception. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can use these real-world examples to demonstrate key points to your marketing staff. Provide them with relevant instances of companies making poor decisions on social media. This list might be a good place to start.

Supply Educational Resources

Hiring a social media manager or a professional marketer to run your social media accounts is a great idea. However, it’s crucial that your marketing team understands your business intimately. Give them access to e-books, videos, and educational content related to your industry and your customers. Remember, you’re not looking to create a great social media campaign for any business –– you’re looking for specific solutions to your challenges and needs. So make sure your marketing partners appreciate this fact!

Prioritize Compliance

Some companies operate in industries that fall under government supervision. For instance, companies in the healthcare sector face government regulations that affect what they can and cannot post on social media. It’s illegal for a medical provider to share information about a patient on social media. While this might seem obvious, not all compliance rules are self-evident. As such, it’s imperative that social media marketers working with companies in regulated industries know what they can –– and can’t –– post. Otherwise, they could inadvertently land their business in legal trouble. For more information on social media compliance, contact a company like Brandle.

Be Patient

We live in an era of instant gratification. While many business owners acknowledge that social media marketing efforts could take weeks or months to bear fruit, others expect immediate returns. This is not a reasonable way to build a marketing campaign. Instead of putting your marketing team under pressure right away, be patient with them and encourage them to test and experiment. This will provide them with data they need to improve performance in the long run.

Coordinate & Collaborate

Great marketing work doesn’t occur in a vacuum. In order for a marketing campaign to come together, professionals need to be able to work together. Account managers, copywriters, and social media marketers all have to be on the same page to produce content that resonates with consumers. Given that fact, business leaders should conduct collaborative training procedures that encourage team members to work together. When marketing teams achieve desired cohesion, the sky’s the limit!