5 Tips for Maximizing Your Investment in Print Materials

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Investment in Print Materials

Believe it or not, even in the face of digital innovations, the global printing industry is growing and will be worth 821 billion dollars by 2022. That growth is driven by a variety of factors including product diversification, increased need for shipping labels and, of course, demand from print marketers.

On the subject of using print materials for marketing purposes, how is your company’s relationship with print?

Do you print flyers? Do you canvas downtown areas with coupons for your products?

There are several effective (and not so effective) ways that we’ve seen print used in marketing campaigns. To ensure that your future forays into print fall into the latter camp, here are five quick tips that’ll help boost your print success.

Work with an Expert

We’ve seen time and again businesses try to save a few bucks on a graphic designer by designing their own print materials. Ultimately, those companies lose money because their collateral ends up looking bad and doesn’t deliver its intended results.

Therefore, one of the top suggestions that we can give you is to get professional advice on all of your print needs from designing fliers to learning how to properly format designs meant to go on blank labels for printers.

Keep Things Simple

People have historically low attention spans. Therefore, to communicate a message with customers through print, you’ll have to do it quickly.

The best way to achieve that end is to know what you’d like your print material to do for your company and to strip away all elements from your message that don’t facilitate that end. The more streamlined and visual that your printed materials are, the better conversion rates you’ll enjoy.

Consider Your Placement

Are your print designs going to go on a mailer that you expect people to read while holding or are they going to go on a window that’s 7-feet above the ground?

Understanding where your printed materials will be placed, and their consequential readability, should inform how your materials should be designed. After all, a flyer on a 7-foot high window that’s written using 28pt font won’t be legible.

Invite Further Engagement

All of your marketing materials should include a call to action. Your print marketing isn’t an exception to that rule.

Ask readers of your print materials to come into your store, to go on your website or to take other meaningful action beyond just reading.

Consider a Personal Touch

Sending a business a flyer that asks them to consider working with your company is one thing. Sending a business a flyer that’s addressed directly to them and contains information that’s unique to their operations is another thing entirely.

The more targeted that you can be in your print collateral, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Print Materials Can Be Valuable to a Marketing Campaign If Used Correctly

Despite today’s sole fixation on the internet when it comes to marketing, print materials are an excellent way to diversify your engagement avenues when leveraged correctly.