Five Important Things That Make a Great Employer

Five Important Things That Make a Great Employer

Productivity in the workplace is closely linked to employee happiness and satisfaction levels. Something that many business owners do not realize is that, in many cases, employees do not stay in a job simply because they enjoy the industry, but through loyalty to the people that they work for.

If you offer your employees a working environment where they can feel comfortable, appreciated, and cared for, they are much more likely to stay with your company for a longer period of time.

They may also be more motivated to work to a higher, more efficient standard. So, if you want to be the type of employer that inspires loyalty and motivation in their work force, here are five important things you can aim to offer your team.

Offering Flexibility

The days of employees simply working a nine-to-five job have come and gone, with many working people having families to care for and other personal obligations they need to accommodate. While it may not be possible for some businesses, offering flexibility through shifts, or by setting minimum hours which can be worked over a rolling seven-day period, is a consideration which many employees would thank you for.

Caring About Workers Wellbeing And Rights

Employees want to know that you value their presence in your business, and that you care for their wellbeing, so it is important to show them that you do. For example, in the case of a head injury workers compensation settlement, it would be important to your employees that you showed consideration about them, and not just about your financial or legal obligations.

Being Well Informed on Your Business

It is difficult for employees to respect a business owner who knows less about the day-to-day running of their business than they do, so it is important that you are always well-informed about the goings on within your business. This means overseeing every aspect of your company, from the store room to the shop floor.

Creating A Safe Workspace

If employees are concerned about the environment in work, you are more likely to find there is a greater level of absence due to sickness. People become stressed much more easily in a work space that they feel unsafe in for whatever reason, and this can lead to physical sickness manifesting overtime. In order to avoid this, make sure that you are always facilitating a space where your employees feel comfortable reaching out for help and support.

Treat Employees as Individuals

Some business owners forget that their business isn’t run by a faultless team of workers, but rather by a group of individuals who work hard both independently and as a team. It is important to appreciate the work that individual people do for you, so that each person knows that their personal efforts are appreciated. It is also essential that you recognize those who work the hardest and find ways to reward them, as often there are some members of staff who work much harder within their roles than others.