Surefire Strategies in the
Social Media Marketing World

The sweat drips down your brow. Your typing hands are clammy and unwilling to move. You’re trying to build a strong social media strategy for your business, and honestly, it shouldn’t be this hard! You use social media all the time in your personal life… so why does this feel so overwhelming?

If your business is new to the social media marketing world, relax. Here are some surefire ways to get started with building a strong social media presence.

Become Obsessed with Your Target Audience

Words like study, research, and get to know don’t quite cut it here.

The best way to hit the mark with your social media strategy every time is to become absolutely obsessed with your ideal audience. Learn every detail about your potential customers and constantly interact with them!

  • Create an ideal customer profile that includes average age, occupation, spending habits, favorite brands, marital status, hobbies, likes and dislikes, biggest worries, etc.
  • Respond to as many positive and negative comments as possible across all your social platforms, especially when first growing your audience
  • Observe how your audience interacts with your content, when they’re online, their complaints, buyer conversion rates—EVERYTHING!

It’s hard to mess up your social media strategy when you know exactly how your audience thinks. Plus, by encouraging them to give you feedback you’ll drive up your content engagement rate. Social media algorithms reward high engagement rates by showing your content to more people.

Keep Tabs on Your Competition

You don’t need to study your competition as thoroughly as your own audience, but definitely analyze what’s working for them and why.

Your competition is whoever is targeting the same customer base as you with a similar product. Understand that whatever your competitors post is going to be shown to the same group of people you’re trying to interact with.

The goal here is not to copy your competitors but build on what they’re doing. You may decide to post earlier than them, make ads that directly respond to what their ads say, or go out of your way to look nothing like them.

Either way, keep tabs on what others in your niche are doing so you stand out.

Know What to Do with Your Data

The best part about social media marketing is the way every click, video view, comment, and like is recorded for you. That’s a whole bunch of data for you to use to make your advertising better.

A search marketing agency or social media management company can help you make sense out of all the different pieces of data you collect from social media campaigns.

Be sure to review stats from your ad campaigns and content posts on a regular basis. Taking down unsuccessful content will help strengthen your brand image and knowing what works will help inspire future strategies.

Navigating the Social Media Marketing World

Many business owners feel lost in all the constantly changing rules of SEO. But the social media marketing world doesn’t have to be confusing.

Keep these tips in mind when building your social media marketing strategy. You’ll make mistakes, as everyone does, but keep track of that data and learn from it. The only real failure in social media is giving up and never posting at all!

Good luck.