Get The Best Domain Name By Avoiding These Mistakes

Get The Best Domain Name By Avoiding These Mistakes

The world of online marketing is vast yet limitless. However, it can be painstakingly hard to find an available domain name as well. Hundreds of millions of domain names get registered daily, which makes the most basic and effective names virtually taken already.

However, difficult doesn’t mean “impossible.” You don’t need to end up with a badly named domain just for the sake of having an online presence. Also, you may need to make compromises or be more creative when looking for the right domain.

Sometimes the most effective way to find and secure the best domain name is by avoiding mistakes. Here’s a summary:

Don’t pick a domain name that is already taken. Many businesses waste time brainstorming for the best domain name, then put it on their branding – shirts, business cards, logos – only to see later that the name has already been taken by someone else.

Finding if a domain is available is the next step in the process after listing some names. Companies regularly offer special discounts even for a premium domain name, so buy your preferred domain name as you see them, so you don’t lose out on the perfect name.

Don’t choose a domain name that’s not a .com (if you can). Don’t get us wrong, other domain name extensions like .biz, .org. .cc, .pro, .me, .tv are all proven to be effective, but they’ll never have the same innate appeal of a premium .com extension. In fact, most of us just assume that every domain name has a .com extension.

You can lose out on traffic because your site is not a .com and you’re also making life hard for potential customers. Moreover, if another company already owns the .com version of your domain name, many of your new and existing customers can end up visiting their website first.

Don’t make it hard to spell. Avoid choosing a domain name that needs a spell-checker for correction. Using uncommon words, complex words, or unusual spellings are a no-no. You should also consider buying domain names of your business for the most common misspellings.

Don’t make it too long. No one likes typing words that are needlessly long. A longer domain name is easier to forget. Moreover, it can affect your branding and every communication your business has whether inside or outside the organization.

Don’t make it hard to remember. If you pick a domain that’s too hard to remember, you might lose a lot of potential leads and it would feel like you haven’t purchased a website at all. If you want your business to be shared via word of mouth marketing, it’s crucial for your website’s domain to be easily remembered.

Don’t be unnecessarily creative. Being creative is not a bad thing in itself when choosing a domain name but using trendy word style can be a bad idea.

Now that you know what to avoid, the next thing to accomplish is to find a good hosting provider that offers an affordable quality domain name hosting. That’s the wrap!